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What does single pole mean on a light switch?


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2016-05-23 16:12:21
2016-05-23 16:12:21
US Single-pole switchIn the US, the standard "single-pole" light switch is single-pole single-throw, with only 2 terminals. In the ON position it connects the two terminals, and in the OFF position it doesn't.

The standard US "3-way" light switch (used for switching a light from two different switches) is single-pole double-throw. It has 3 terminals (hence the term "3-way"), and it connects one of those terminals to either of the other two, depending on the switch position. There's no OFF position, so the switch has only two positions.


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Unless the switch has a light to indicate the switch is turned on, there is no neutral connection to a single pole switch.

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This is the typical light switch in your home that controls a single light from a single location. Sometimes you might see it described as SPST or single pole single throw.

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A single pole single throw switch (SPST) is used to open or close a contact to a single wire. It can be used as an on/off switch for an appliance or for a light bulb.

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A single pole switch controls a light or outlet at one location. A 3 way switch controls a light or outlet from 2 locations.

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That would be a single pole 15 amp switch

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