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US Single-pole switchIn the US, the standard "single-pole" light switch is single-pole single-throw, with only 2 terminals. In the ON position it connects the two terminals, and in the OFF position it doesn't.

The standard US "3-way" light switch (used for switching a light from two different switches) is single-pole double-throw. It has 3 terminals (hence the term "3-way"), and it connects one of those terminals to either of the other two, depending on the switch position. There's no OFF position, so the switch has only two positions.

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Q: What does single pole mean on a light switch?
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Where does the neutral wire go on a single pole switch?

Unless the switch has a light to indicate the switch is turned on, there is no neutral connection to a single pole switch.

What else is a single pole switch known by?

This is the typical light switch in your home that controls a single light from a single location. Sometimes you might see it described as SPST or single pole single throw.

What does SPST mean?

A single pole single throw switch (SPST) is used to open or close a contact to a single wire. It can be used as an on/off switch for an appliance or for a light bulb.

What is the difference between single pole switch and a three way?

A single pole switch controls a light or outlet at one location. A 3 way switch controls a light or outlet from 2 locations.

Can a single pole switch be used to control one light between two single pole switches?


How do you split ceiling fan to be controlled by a 2way switch and the light by 2-3ways?

By 2 way switch I assume you mean a single pole switch. If so yes this can be done.

What amp light switch used in common household?

That would be a single pole 15 amp switch

What is difference between single pole and double pole thermostat?

A single-pole switch is an on/off switch that switches a single wire such as the circuit to your overhead light. A double pole switch is also an on/off switch that switches two wires. You would use this to switch as 240 volt circuit (which requires two hot wires) or if you had two circuit you wanted to switch at the same time. I've used them when I had two large light circuits that required two breakers that I wanted to switch with one switch.

What is the function of a single pole single throw switch?

The function of a single pole single throw switch or SPST switch is to make or break a single set of contacts in an electrical circuit.

Can a double pole single throw switch be used instead of single pole switch?

Yes, but to do so is a waste of time and materials. Single pole switches are not expensive, buy a new one and replace it. A double pole switch is about five times the cost of a single pole.

What is the meaning of single pole sw?

The "sw" is electrical terminology for the word "switch". A single pole switch is one that opens the circuit when in the off position and closes the circuit when in the on position. Individual switches that turn on light fixtures in your home are in the classification of single pole switches.

Define one way switch?

A "one way switch" or better known as a single pole switch is simply a device that breaks the electrical circuit to a device. ie; A single pole light switch is used to turn off and on lights from one location.

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