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Imean the third rock with dots!

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On Pokemon emerald what does six dots equals three holes?

it is obviously the three regis because the statues have three dots and it is also three doors not three holes

What does six dots open three doors mean in Pokemon emerald?

it means 2 dots open each door it a ridol so 2 dots open 1 door 4 dots open 2 doors and 6 dots open 3 doors

Where do you get 6 dots in Pokemon emerald?

The 6 dots open 3 doors thing means the Regi's.You have to watch the video on Youtube it will show you how to get there,btw you have to have a Pokemon that knows DIG,Wailord and Relicanth.

Where you can find that dots in Pokemon Emerald?

To find Dots in Pokemon Emerald you have to trade it for a Ralts near Rustbro city gym.

What Does the quote in Pokemon Ruby mean Six Dots Open Three Doors?

The "Six Dots" reference the amount of eyes on every "Regi" you find behind the "3 doors"

Where are the six dots that open three doors in pokemon sapphire?

they are brail letters. you can look up brail letters online.

What is six dots open three doors in ruby?

It means that the three doors are to Regice, Regirock, and Registeel.

What do you need to get the six dots?

I'm not sure but I think six dots is your Pokemon and 3 doors is the Regis. Hope this helps;)

How do you find the Pokemon with the 6 dots?

There is no 1 Pokemon with 6 dots, there are 4, but there are only 3 in ruby Sapphire and emerald. The 3 are called, Regice, Regirock, and Registeel.

What is the easy way to get regice on emerald?

Go get relicanth and wailord and go to a cave. Remember: "6 dots opens 3 doors."

How is braille in Pokemon Ruby?

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald use visual braille, with visual dots where braille usually has raised, tactile dots.

What are three dots in Morse code?

three dots is the letter 'S'

Pokemon emerald how to read doted language?

The dotted language in Pokemon Emerald is Braille. Braille is an alphabet of raised bumps or dots than can be read by the blind via touch. The Braille can be easily translated using a printed Braille Alphabet sheet as it perfectly translates into English.

What does three dots represent in math?

three dots represents the therefore symbol

What is braille language in Pokemon Emerald?

Braille is the language for the blind. The series of dots are felt by the person and the feelings become letters. Braille is commonly used in Pokemon as a brain-teaser to open up certain areas in the game or reach certain pokemon.

What are the three dots in math?

Three dots can be an ellipsis. That indicates that previous information keeps on going.

What do the dots in the ancient tomb mean in Pokemon emerald?

The dots are actually modern day letters from the brail alphabet, if i remember correctly. When translated it gives you directions as to how many paces you should walk in specific directions thus opening the tomb where you will find one of the three regis, there are a lot of places you can look that will tell you what it says or will give you a chart so you can figure it our yourself

How can seven dots be so that there are six rows of trees in a straight line with each row having three dots?

Three of the dots are the vertexes of an equilateral triangle, the other three dots are the midpoints of the triangle's sides and the seventh dot is the centroid.

What do three dots used on scripts to indicate?

The three dots '...' indicate a line in the speech to take a pause.

In braille three vertical dots is what letter?

In Braille, three vertical dots represent the letter L. Braille is set up on 6 dots, and the placement of the raised dots changes from letter to letter.

What does the fisher man mean by you need to time the pulls on your rod to catch bigger Pokemon on Pokemon emerald?

when you try to catch a pokemon using your rod it will show some dots. then it will say "oh a bite" when it says that press "A" if it does that several times then you might get a pokemon at least lvl 35. hope this helped :)

What do the yellow dots mean underground in Pokemon pearl?

well the dots mean that there is treasure in that exact are

How do you join four dots with only three lines?

0----0----0----0 Three lines; four dots

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