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what does5 squared look like in a algebraic problem

Six squared is 36. Thirty-six squared is 1296.

Six 'squared' means six times itself (6 x 6), which equals 36.

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A six sided shape could look like a Hexagon

24 squared is 24 x 24 or 24^2 which equals 576.

I find the value of six squared by multiplying 6 by itself.I got my answer by explaining in words how I find the value of 6 squared.

It is 44. Just insert the 6 where -x is, and it would look like this: -62 +8, 36+8= 44. And this is easy. I did this all in my head, and Im only an 8th Grader. It is actually read as the opposite of x squared plus six and would look like this: -62= -36+8=-28 Because of order of operations you have to square six before applying the negative.

These look like a series of squares.1 squared is 1, 2 squared is 4, 3 squared is 9, 4 squared is 16, 5 squared is 25 and then 6 squared is........36.

two squared on some calculators looks like this xy or just regular 2 square example: 8 then a little 2

X^2 + Y^2 = 36 Y^2 = 36 - X^2 Y = (+/-)sqrt(36 - X^2) A circle. X = (+/-) 6 Y = (+/-) 6

the girls backpacks r pink and squared with an animal on it and the boys backpacks are brown with an animal on it and they r squared too

i personally like six packs ... they look good ..

it looks like this 52 or the extended version like this 5 x 5=25.

36 (six squared) and -1 (i squared)

Five squared is 25. Six squared is 36. ? squared is 29. (It's between 5 and 6.)

it means like ac angle or a squared like in the phythangren theorem its a squared + b squared = c squared

The answer? There is no "answer" There cannot be an answer because they are all different. In order to make calculations, the variables have to be the same. x squared, xy, y squared are the variables, and none of them match. Therefore your "answer" must look like this: 9x squared - 6xy + y squared - 81. Hope I Helped :D

find out what 6 squared equals. which is 6 x 6 and that equals 36

36 square cm. six squared is just six times six.

the x-axis... obviously! the x-axis... obviously!

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