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Muscles allow the skeleton to move.

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Q: What does skeletal muscles allow you to do?
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What muscles attached to bone for movement?

Muscles that are attached to the bone and allow body movements are Skeletal Muscles.

Which joint in the body allow movement to be produced by the skeletal muscle?

all four of the joints are moved by skeletal muscles without skeletal muscles joints wouldn't move

What do the skeletal muscles allow us to do?

It helps move you. Your bones make up your structure. These muscles allow your body to move.

WHERE do you find skeletal muscles?

There are three types of muscle: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. Skeletal muscle is connected to, well of course, the bones!

What muscles are the muscles that move bones?

These muscles are called "skeletal muscles".

What is the function regarding pyramidal cells?

They allow us to control our skeletal muscles

What type of muscle attaches to the skeletal system and allows movement?

Skeletal or voluntary muscles attach to the skeleton and allow movement. In contrast, smooth muscles are not under voluntary control.

Does your skeletal system allows you to move your bones?

It is the muscles that allow certain bones to move.

What muscles are muscles that move bones?

Skeletal muscles .

Which type of muscles tires quickly during exercise?

Skeletal Muscles

What is it called when a muscles allow you to move parts of your body in different ways when you want to?

Voluntary or skeletal muscles allow you to move parts of your body in different ways when you want to.

What types of muscles are striated striped muscles skeletal muscles smooth muscles or involuntary muscles?

Skeletal muscles.

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