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What does skin look like if it is dead?

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They look sort of hairy and they are grey or red or white

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What does a dead body look like after two years?

skin is hanging of boned and roting away skull has no skin

Im a guy with dead skin and fat how can you get a girl?

It doesnt matter what you look like, fat skinny, dead skin or not. If you are you when you are around girls then that's the best way to get a girl. Show them who you really are. but be a gentleman, show them you got a sweet side, and all. and for dead skin try some lotion. But no matter what you look like you will find that one special girl.

What does mercer look like on the skin?

what does mercer look like on the skin?

What does sarcoidosis on the skin look like?

what does Sarcoidosis on the skin look like and can it only affect the skin?

What would you look like if you did not have a skeletal system?

Essentially a dead beanbag of skin filled with organs and muscles.

Does the human body lose skin?

Yes, dead skin falls off as new skin is formed to keep people looking cleen, without this process most people would look like dead people at 20 !

What do dust mite bites look like?

Dust mites don't bite, they feed off dead skin

Does tequan Richmond look like Chris Brown?

if you look at a pictures of them together you can see the mouth and skin completion and eyes otherwise yes the look dead on each other witch meansthey look a like

What do Chinese skin look like?

It looks like skin.

How do you look like living dead girl?

Black hair Wrikled skin Pale Dark eyes Fail body

What does pink skin look like?

Pink Skin

What does a dead body look like after one week?

It would look like a zombie that is still dead....

What do inch worms look like when there dead?

Inturnally Dead, is how the dead inch worm would look.

Why do people brush there hair?

To look nice and it gets tangles out and helps to remove dead skin cells so your hair docent itch like crazy and to look nice

What layer of the skin is dead?

The epidermis is all dead. Just like Bill Plumley.

Can you remove the skin from the dead body like a animals?

yes you can...

What does acne look like?

Acne is small bumps on your skin with reddish touch on it. The skin has a a rough look.

Is hair made out of dead skin cells?

Yes its true that hair is dead skin cells but it grows wow just like your nails to what a paradox.

Is dead sea salt good for you?

Yes, dead sea salt products are great for the skin. They make skin look youthful and healthy. I would recommend you try using some in your daily skin care regimen.

What does shark skin look like?

it looks like your face :)

What does a decaying dead body look like?

A decaying dead body

What do goliath frogs skin look like?

=== ===

What do stretch marks look like?

Stretch marks look like skin that has been stretched, usually due to pregnancy. The marks look like thin ribbons of slightly lighter looking skin.

Why do the trumpet players on the cover of flyleafs CD memento mori have to look like dead people?

They look like dead people because they are supposed to symbolize dead people.

What did the mound builders clothes look like?

it looked like animal skin if the were made out of deer skin.