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n tentempié m; parte, porcion, piscolabis, merienda

to have a snack, tomar un tentempié, picar algo, merendar, tomar una merienda

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Bocadillo. Golosina.

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Q: What does snack mean in spanish?
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What does merienda mean in spanish?


What is snacks and merienda?

Snack: a mini-meal. Merienda: a Spanish word for snack.

Are 'los churros' a Spanish snack?

Yes, and they are AMAZING!

Snack in Spanish?

tentempié, bocadillo, botanas, tapas

What does la bocada mean in spanish?

open your mouth and take a big piece or part of some food. -Or you can use "bocada" to say "snack".

What does popina mean in latin?

Snack-bar, snack-shop.

How do you say snack stand in spanish?

Aperitivo de pie :)

What is You eat snack in Spanish?

Comes un bocadillo/piscolabis

How do you say snack will be provided in spanish?

Se proporcionará merienda

What is the significance of quesadilla?

in spanish queso means cheese and illa can be added to words to mean small or endeared. Quesadilla refers to a Mexican cheese snack

How do say snack in spanish?

"Merienda" or "Antojo" (which means more like a craving)

Which snack is sold under the Spanish name Chicharrones?

Pork rinds