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Q: What does sone mean in Japanese?
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What is the unit of perceived loudness equal to 40phons?

sone sone

When was Yutaka Sone born?

Yutaka Sone was born in 1965.

How tall is Gal Sone?

Gal Sone is 162 cm.

Is 1 sone louder than 6.5 sone?

Of course!

When was Roy Sone born?

Roy Sone was born in 1940, in UK.

When was Monica Sone born?

Monica Sone was born on 1919-09-01.

When was Sone Yay created?

Sone Yay was created on 1990-08-10.

When was Chūsei Sone born?

Chūsei Sone was born on 1937-10-01.

When was Natsuko 'Gal' Sone born?

Natsuko 'Gal' Sone was born in 1985.

When did Sone Arasuke die?

Sone Arasuke died on 1910-09-13.

When was Sone Arasuke born?

Sone Arasuke was born on 1849-02-20.

When was Sone Pe Suhaaga created?

Sone Pe Suhaaga was created in 1988.