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My father is my grandparent's son.

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Son is a form of the verb "ser" which means "to be" when referring to something that is permanent or rarely changes, such as a physical characteristic, or someone's name.

Ser can be conjugated into different forms in order to say: I am, you are, he/she is, we are, and they are.

Son is the conjugated form of ser that means "they are" in Spanish.

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It means "they are"

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Q: What does sono mean in spanish?
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CI SONO MEANS there are

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As it is.

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What is the Spanish 'soy' in English and Italian?

Io sono is an Italian equivalent of the Spanish 'soy'. In the word by word translation, the subject pronoun 'io' means 'I'. The verb 'sono' means '[I] am'. The phrase is pronounced 'EE-oh SOH-noh'. Its equivalent in English is I am.

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If you are referring to the Italian word 'Io' which can be used in the sentence 'Io Sono', Io means I. Io sono means I am.

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sono così addolorata but if u mean physical is mi sono fatta tanto male

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