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What does sputnik mean in Russian?

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The common translation is "traveling companion of the Earth".

When the satellite "Sputnik" was first launched in space in October of 1957, the New York Times gave the name's literal meaning as, "something that is traveling with a traveler" with the explanation, "the traveler is the earth, traveling through space, and the companion 'traveling with' it is the satellite."

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What is the meaning of the name of the Russian spacecraft 'Sputnik'?

Sputnik means "fellow traveler" in Russian.

Is Sputnik 1 a Russian spacecraft?

Sputnik 1 was a Russian satellite.

What was the First rocket in space was the Russian what?


What does sputnik mean?

Sputnik is Russian, and it means something like "travelling companion". It became the name for an early series of articifial satellites.

What is the definition of sputnik and answer?

Sputnik was an early Russian space satellite.

Why is the rocket sputnik called that name?

Sputnik is is the English transliteration of the Russian for name for the device "Sputnik 1" (Спутник-1). Sputnik is Russian for "Satellite".

What does sputnik mean in pig latin?

Nothing - It is Russian for Satellite actually, while sputnik was the first satellite sent up by the Russians into space, and first ever really, it doesn't mean satellite in Russian. It means "fellow traveler of the earth" contrary to what you might think

What are the names of Russian space crafts?

the Sputnik was the first Russian spacecraft

Why was the Russian spacecraft called sputnik?

because "sputnik" means "fellow traveler of earth"

Why did they name sputnik?

The Russian word sputnik literally means "traveling companion" or "satellite".

First Russian spacecraft in space?


What language where the word sputnik is borrowed from?


What is the original language of the word sputnik?

'Sputnik' is how the Russian word 'Cпутник' (Satellite) is written in English.

Who created the first space ship?

It was the Russian with their Sputnik.

What was the name of the first Russian space satellite?


Is sputnik 1 a satellite?

Yes, a Russian satellite.

What language is the origin of the word sputnik?

It is Russian origin.

Is sputnik a robot?

Yes it is, but it was also a Russian Satelite

What is the Russian satellite?

The first man made, and Russian (Soviet) satellite was Sputnik launched in 1957.

What was the first item lauched into space?

The Russian satellite Sputnik

Why were people scared of sputnik?

They thought it was a Russian spy satellite

What is the first Russian spacecraft traveled to space?

sputnik 1

What kicked off the race for space?

Russian launch of Sputnik

What is 'sputnik' when translated from Russian to English?

"Companion" is a literal English equivalent of the Russian word sputnik (Спутник). The noun originates in the combination of the Romanized prefix s- ("together," "with") with the noun pútnik ("traveler") and the agent suffix -nik. The pronunciation will be "spuht-nihk" in Russian.

Where did sputnik 2 crash?

Sputnik 2 was a Russian satellite that was launched into orbit. It carried a dog and crashed into Earthâ??s atmosphere.