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Synthetic marijuana is not natural marijuana. It is not really any type of marijuana at all. It is a chemical substance that is smoked and cause death in some cases.

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Q: What does synthetic marijuana mean?
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What is in k2 synthetic marijuana?

what is side effects for synthetic marijuana

Is synthetic marijuana legal in Wisconsin?

There is a federal ban on synthetic marijuana

Does affirm detox cover synthetic marijuana?

If by synthetic marijuana you mean Spice, then you Dont need to detox. There is no THC in Spice and plus it filters out of your system in about 2days.

Is synthetic marijuana safe?

No, nothing about synthetic marijuana is safe. Once can overdose, unlike smoking real marijuana.

What is in synthetic marijuana incense?

Synthetic marijuana is a propitiatory blend of herbs sprayed with dangerous chemicals to produce a marijuana like high.

Does synthetic marijuana show up in drug test?

Yes. I an guessing you mean Hash or something similar by saying synthetic marijuana. A marijuana drug test is looking for the metabolite of THC. So if the drug has THC in it, which is what gets you high in marijuana, then it will show up in a drug test.

Are employers testing for synthetic marijuana?

No, synthetic marijuana does not contain any thc. If you are talking about the kind sold in smoke shops.

What is synthetic marijuana-?

Synthetic marijuana is a designer drug that has the same effects of cannabis. This is usually give to people that are sick by a doctor.

How do you make synthetic marijuana?

You dont

Where is synthetic marijuana legal?

In Amsterdam.

Where can synthetic marijuana be purchased?


How do you make easy synthetic marijuana?

You don't.

Where can you get synthetic marijuana?

from a few drug dealers.

What is K 2 and Spice?

synthetic marijuana

Is synthetic marijuana legal to sell in new Orleans la?

Synthetic marijuana is pretty dangerous stuff. I do not know if it is legal to sell in LA, but I doubt it.

Can you test positive for using synthetic marijuana?


Does cesamet contain marijuana?

Cesamet contains a synthetic form of THC, the active ingredient of marijuana.

Is there such a thing as syntheic marijuana?

yes. k2, spice and anything of that nature is considered synthetic marijuana.

Can laboratory' s test for synthetic marijuana?

Yes, there are companies that test for synthetic marijuana, and more drug testing firms are starting to branch out into this new series of drugs.

How is synthetic marijuana made?

If by synthetic marijuana you mean spice, it is made by picking random plants, drying them and then spraying them with a bunch of crazy chemicals. It's nothing like marijuana and has many serious side effects. Instant side effects may include seizures. There are too many long term side effects to list but neurological damage is a guarantee.

Who sells a drugtest kit for synthetic marijuana spice?

you tell me

Is synthetic marijuana illegal in NY?

There is a federal ban on these products.

Are employers checking for synthetic marijuana?

Some employers may check for synthetic marijuana if they do a blood test. Some employers won't, simply due to the fact that it is not illegal. This can depend on what type of job it is.

Will you fail drug test after smoking synthetic marijuana?

no it will not come clean

Does synthetic marijuana show up on a cdl drug test?