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Q: What does tan gordo mean?
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Related questions

Who is El Gordo?

El Gordo literally mean 'the fat one'.

What does 'Esta gordo' mean?

As written, "this fat one". If you mean to say "you are fat", it would be "Estás gordo".

What does el gordo mean in Spanish?

Gordo means fat. It is in the masculine form.

What dos gordo mean in spanish?


What does gordo ano mean?

"Gordo año" would be "fat year". Edit: "ano" means "a**" or "anus", "año" means year. If it is supposed to be "año", "gordo" could mean something like "bad" or "lousy"

What does gordo mean in Spanish?

Gordo (a) means fat , corpulent, stout, thick bigor Mister Bowser etc.

What does Tu es gordo mean?

It means 'You are fat'

What does gorde mean in spanish?

"Gordo" means "Fat".

What does el oso gordo mean?

the fat bear

What does porque soy gordo mean in English?

"Because I am fat."

What are some foreign words that mean big?


What does El cunado gordo mean in English?

The big brother

What does El es gordo y feliz mean?

He is fat and happy

Is gordo dumb?

"Gordo" means "fat" at Spanish.

What actors and actresses appeared in Gordo - 1992?

The cast of Gordo - 1992 includes: Edgar Vivar as Gordo

Soy alegre y gordo mean in English?

It means "I am happy and fat."

Does gordo mean ugly in Spanish?

No, it means "fat". "Ugly" would be "feo".

What does por que tienes un gato gordo mean?

Why do you have a fat cat

What does ahora aspimar a mi puta polla grande y gordo mean in english?

Chupa mi polla grande y gordo

When was Eddy Gordo created?

Eddy Gordo was created in 1997.

When was Gordo Segredo created?

Gordo Segredo was created in 2005.

How tall is Filipa Gordo?

Filipa Gordo is 162 cm.

What does no tan to mean in spanish?


What does 'I'll tan you' mean in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Tan means to spank.

What does the color tan represent?

the color tan mean peaceful, calm