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Eloise. SE Hinton's full name was Susan Eloise Hinton.


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S. E. Hinton's initials s. e. stand for susan eloise hinton.

No, SE Hinton is not related to Nigel Hinton.

se hinton has not died yet she is still alive

H. E. Hinton was born in 1912.

H. E. Hinton died in 1977.

Gerry E. Hinton was born on 1930-06-30.

Gerry E. Hinton died on 2000-07-02.

No, S.E. Hinton is still alive.

S. E. Hinton was born on July 22, 1948.

S. E. Hinton married David Inhofe in the summer of 1970.

S. E. Hinton, or Susan Eloise, Went to Will Rogers High School. S. E. Hinton is the Author of the book, "The Outsiders".

because she didnt want boy to know she was a female

The address of the Hinton - Norman Smith Memorial Library is: 115 E Main, Hinton, 73047 0034

Yes. S. E. Hinton is still alive.

E. Hinton has written: 'Finite element programming' -- subject(s): Data processing, Finite element method

Answer S.E. Hinton had a friend who went through something like this (being jumped) and S. E. Hinton didn't like it so she thought that if she could publish a book about it or related to it, everyone would know and understand what her friend went through. Her friend's name was Jimmy, and if you look at the book, it is dedicated to Jimmy.

she had a husband and a son

Writer S E Hinton attended Will Rogers High School in Tulsa Oklahoma and went on to The University of Tulsa.

S.E Hinton spends her time with Peter and the rest of the Griffin family.

Yea, she has one son please go to (S.E Hinton isn't on it)

S. E. Hinton was seventeen and still in high school when she wrote The Outsiders.

There is a short quote from S.E. Hinton about her book The Outsiders on her official website. She says, "The Outsiders is definitely my best selling book; but what I like most about it is how it has taught a lot of kids to enjoy reading." It can be found here: more complicated thoughts and memories about the book are also related in a 2005 interview with the New York Times. Available here: found these sources by doing searching for "s e hinton" and "outsiders" and "s e hinton" and "interview" on the search engine Google available at:

S.E Hinton wrote the outsiders because she was once in a gang. This is probably not true

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