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Motor Ship (nautical vessel designation; also see SS for steam ship)

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What do the initials MS before a ship name stand for?

MS stands for Motor Ship, just as SS stands for Steam Ship, meaning the type of propulsion.

What does Ms stand for?

Motor Ship. Microsoft Multiple Sclerosis Masters in Science degree.

In Saudi Arabia what does HMS stand for?

If your talking about ship names then it would be either HIS Majesty's Ship or HER Majesty's Ship

What does the SO stand for in ship names?

Can you give me an example please

What does the US S stand for in boats names?

United States Ship.

What does SS on a ship stand for?

SS is short for Steam Ship and used on civilian ships. NS would be Nuclear Ship and there was at least one civilian nuclear powered vessel. USS is a prefix designation for a military ships that stand for "United States Ship". HMS is a prefix designation for a British ships that stand for "His(Her) Majesty's Ship". Other ship designations you may see are 'MS' which stands for 'Motor Ship' and 'M/V' which stands for 'Motor Vessel'.

What does MS stand for on cruise ships?

Actually, M/S stands for "motor ship", M/V stands for "motor vessel" and S/S means "steam ship". The Latter response is correct RMS on British ships refers to Royal Mail Ship. MS = Motor ship. SS = Steam Ship. In naval (military) usage USS is "United States Ship"; HMS is "Her (His) Majesty's Ship" etc.

What does the ms in ms-dos or ms-word stand for?


What does the fabric abbreviation Ms stand for?

ms like in ms.lee

What is the connection between MS and SS?

SS - steamship; MS - motor ship.

What was the last stand-alone version of MS-DOS?

MS-DOS 6.22 was the last stand-alone version of MS-DOS. Some believed that MS-DOS 7.0 was the last version of MS-DOS since Windows 95 reported MS-DOS as MS-DOS 7.0. However, this was just a shell in Windows and not a stand-alone version of MS-DOS.

What does the degree MS stand for?

MS or MSc stands for Master of Science

Where was the cruise ship MS Azura built?

The MS Azura is a cruise ship that is owned by Carnival and operated by P & O Cruises. This ship was built in Monfalcone, Italy and was launched on June 26, 2009.

In a ships name what does ss usns and HMS stand for?

This is what those terms stand for. SS stands for Steam Ship. USS stand for United State Ship. And HMS stands for His or Her Majesty's Ship.

Do m and ms have names?

You know i don't think they have names

What does the measurement MS stand for?

The abbreviation "ms" stands for the millisecond, 1/1000th of a second.

What does ms stand for in the periodic table?

The symbol ms doesn't exist for a chemical element.

What does ms dos stand for?

MS-DOS stands for Microsoft Disk Operating System.

What does ms stand for on an os map?


What does ms stand for in house of usher?


What does MS in MSNBC stand for?

mission satasfactory

What does MS stand for after a name?

master of science

Can you find math teacher names?

mrs.crabwalk ms whitokj ms doarnit

What is the largest passenger ship built?

Ms Oasis of the Seas

What does TSMV stand for in cruise ship?

twin screw motor ship