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It's like wifi just cost monet

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Q: What does the 3G do on an ipad2?
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Should you get the 3g ipad2 or the wifi ipad2?

If you travel the wi fi one

What is ipad2 wifi?

iPad2 comes with two models. One with wifi and another with wifi+3G. iPad2 wifi model can connect to Internet via wifi. Another version have two options. If you are in home with wifi you can connect to it. When you are outside, say at friends home where he don't have wifi, you can use 3G service. For 3G service you need authentic SIM card with 3G service enabled on it.

Do you have to pay monthly for the Ipad2?

You only have to pay if you buy it with 3G capability

Does the ipad2 have gorilla glass?

no, the 3g and 3gs don't have gorilla glass, only the iphone 4 does

How much is the cheapist ipad2?

The cheapest iPad 2 with wifi is $499. The cheapest iPad 2 with 3G, however, is about $630.

What are the specifacations for ipad2?

9.50 inches Tall 7.31 inches Wide 9.7 inch Screen WI-FI WI-FI + 3g

Can you use ipad2 3g Verizon in Philippines?

The iPad2 from Verizon will not work in the Philippines but the NEW iPad (3rd generation) from Verizon will work because it has a micro-sim card slot just like the one from AT&T. Source: Apple website

Is iPod Touch better that ipad2?


How much is ipad2 with 64gb?

The price will depend on how you personalize it and where you buy it from. Right now if you were to buy it from, a Wi-Fi only 64GB iPad 2 will cost $699 and a Wi-Fi + 3G will cost $829

Is blackberry playbook better than the ipad2?

Hello.. Well I don't think that blackberry playbook is better than ipad2.. ipad2 have better features.

What is the latest technology and from what country?

The latest technology is the IPAD2. The IPAD2 came fro Japan.

Can you play Angry Birds on the ipad2?

Yeah you can play it on iPad2. I've done it. Hope this helps! Have fun!