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I had the same thing stamped on my 10k gold necklace. I called a jeweller and they weren't very helpful but they told me it was most likely the brand name.


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what does ce stamped on the inside of a ring stand for

it means your ring is made of 14k gold and also it was made in italy

i have a gold ring with ING stamped on the inside , what does that mean ?

The 10k gtr stamped inside a gold ring means the ring is made of 10 carat gold versus 24 carat or 12 carat. The gtr is the initials of the maker of the ring.

A gold ring that is stamped with 10 K F means that the ring is 10 karats. The F means that the ring is considered fine jewelry.

The 14K is the Gold content and the S and S either stands for Sterling Silver or it is a Maker's Mark.

An S inside a gold ring is the maker's stamp. If the ring were not gold and had an S inside it would stand for sterling silver.

More than likely, the 12 stamped in your ring means that it is 12 karat gold.

10k Gold The e is a makers mark

especcially loved boy! Who knows?

what does JC stand for on a Gold ring

The proportion of gold/silver is 10%.

It means that it is 18ct Gold and Platinum a lovely ring to have

A ring to be considered gold must be 10k or above and stamped inside the band of the ring 10k, 14k, 18k. If it isn't stamped more than likely it is not real gold. If in doubt about the value of a ring take it to a jeweler who can tell you about it.

The LSC stands for the company that made the ring. If it is stamped 14K, then, the ring is 14 K gold. Sometimes gold will react to minerals in the water or chemicals you may have used. My gold rings will sometimes get a brass color to them and all I have to do is clean them.

What dose an 6 mean stamped inside a ring

krn stamped inside a ring what does it mean

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