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The website Perfume Shrine gives a review of the fragrance as 'warmed up sand'. The Christian Dior fragrance Dune is also said to be a dry fragrance by Perfume Shrine.

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Q: What does the Christian Dior fragrance Dune smell like?
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Is Dune perfume a Christian Dior product?

The Dune perfume line is a Christian Dior line. The Dune line was started in 1991, and it features a woody scent with a hint of an oriental touch.

What company produces dune perfume?

"Dune perfume is made by the Christian Dior company. Until he was recently fired, the Christian Dior company had been run by John Galliano. The largest shareholder of Dior is Bernard Arnault."

What are some Christian Dior fragrances available at Sears?

There are a few fragrances available for women from Dior at Sears. These are: Miss Dior Originale, Forever and Ever, Pure Poison, Dior Addict, Dune, J'Adore.

What is the name of the perfume house which launched the dune perfume in 1991?

It was launched by the house of Christian Dior - Mark

What does Dior Hypnotic Poison smell like?

Dior Hyponotic Poison smells like creamy almond vanilla. Some other fragrances by Dior are: J'adore, Poison, Miss Dior, Dune, Dolce Vita, Dior Homme, Eau Savage, Fahrenheit, Higher Energy.

Who manufactures Dune Perfume?

Christian Dior manufacturers Dune Perfume. The tag line for this perfume is that it is a symbol for a world of dreams where there is only peace. It was released in 1991 and described as woody, oriental and refreshing.

What are the cost of Christian Dior most famous perfumes?

Christian Diors most famous perfumes vary in cost and size. Pure Poison for women is $321.00 for 3.4ozs. Dune for women $108.00 for 1.7ozs. Dune for men $117.00 for 3.4ozs. and Jador $163.00 for 3.4ozs.

When was Dune - Dune album - created?

Dune - Dune album - was created in 1995.

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