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AnswerC is for coupe, and i is fuel injected, if a c is after the i it stands for convertible.

i=fuel injected

ci=coupe, fuel injected

cic=coupe, fuel injected, convertible.

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โˆ™ 2014-08-25 13:52:06
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Q: What does the Ci in BMW 330Ci stand for?
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What does the ci in BMW 645Ci stand for?

coupe injection

Whats the difference in BMW 330i and 330ci?

330i is a 4 door the 330Ci is 2 door.

What bhp does a BMW 330ci have?

230 Bhp

Does the BMW 330ci have a limited slip differential?


Where is the battery 2002 BMW 330ci?

In the trunk...

Where is the flasher relay located on a 2001 BMW 330Ci?

The flasher relay on the 2001 BMW 330Ci is located on the left side of the instrument panel. It is under the vent.

How many oxygen sensors on a BMW 330ci?


The 330Ci is manufactured by what car company?

The 330Ci is the fourth generation of the 3 series compact executive cars which are produced by BMW, produced from 1998 when it succeeded the BMW E36.

Where can i find a Replacement key for my BMW 330ci?

Dealers only

What is the part number for ignition switch on BMW 330Ci club sport 2002?

Genuine BMW # 61326901961

Where is the battery located in your 2005 BMW 330Ci?

right side of trunk

How much is an oil change for 2003 BMW 330ci?

$53 at walmart

How do you open a BMW 330Ci glovebox that seems stuck or locked?

You go to google and people will tell you. I don't know how to open 330CI glovebox.

Is regular unleaded ok for BMW 330ci?

Absolutely not! The sophisticated BMW engine requires premium fuel ONLY!

Do the door mirrors of a 2007 BMW 330ci fit a 2001 BMW 330ci?

No. But the mirrors from a 1987 Lada Riva will fit straight on with no modification. But you will be lucky to get the correct colour as they are colour coded to the vehicle body. Hope this helps.

Where is the thermostat on a BMW 330ci?

e46 330ci? It is mounted to the front of the cylinder head. Right hand side at the bottom. The thermostat and the housing are sold as a single part.

How much is does a fuel pump cost for a BMW 330ci?

Mine went yesterday, I have an 01 330ci coupe with and labor $600-$650 is what I was quoted.

Can an e46 BMW m3 differential fit an e46 BMW 330ci?

yes, but you would have to get an m3 subframe to go with it...LOTS of $$$

How much oil should you put in a BMW 320i?

I have a bmw 330ci and that takes a quart i think so maybe a quart.

Does a BMW 3 series ci 2004 have a cam belt or chain?

Assuming 6-cylinder inline gasoline engine (325ci, 330ci, etc; M52 or M54 engine code) on an E46 chassis 3er it is chain-driven.

How to replace Oxygen sensor 2001 BMW 330ci?

First of all disconnect the battery.