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Distrito Federal (Federal District)

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Q: What does the DF stand for in Mexico City?
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Why is Mexico City also called the DF?

DF stands for Distrito Federal (Federal District). It is the political entity where Mexico City (Ciudad de Mexico) is located.

What is the difference between Mexico City and Mexico DF?

Mexico DF or "Distrito Federal" (literally: Federal District) is the political entity that harbors the capital of the federation, just like Washington DC is to the United States. Mexico City lies within the Federal District, and acts as capital of both the DF and Mexico as a whole. Hence, Mexico City and DF are used interchangeably among Mexican people.

What is the distance from Manzanillo COL Mexico to Mexico City DF?

It is about 20 hours

Loan interest rate in Mexico city df?

4.51%, annual.

What state in Mexico zip code CP 06500?

Mexico City, DF. Distrito Federal

What does the DE stand for in Mexico City?

It's DF, not DE. It stands for 'Distrito Federal' (Federal District), which is similar to the US' Washington, D.C. (District of Columbia).

What is the name of the population of Mexico City?

Capitalinos or defeños (Mexico City is on the Federal District, which in Spanish is shortened to DF or de-efe).

What city is the Mexican Branch of Jehovah's Witnesses in?

I believe it is about 11 miles from Mexico City. The address is: Apartado Postal 896, 06002 Mexico, DF

What is the distance between RIverside Ca and Mexico City DF Mexico?

2,423 kilometers (1,506 miles) on a straight line.

What country goes with Mexico DF?

Mexico, of course.

What is Mexico DF?

Mexico DF stands for "Mexico, Distrito Federal" akin to "Washington, District of Columbia".It is the former name of the federal entity - i.e. it belongs to the federation, as in opposed to any given state - that contains Mexico City. Nowadays, it is called "Ciudad de Mexico" or "CDMX".

What does DF stand for in football?


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