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Like magic and carrots.

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Q: What does the Easter bunny smell like?
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Is the Easter bunny a male or female?

Easter BunnyNo, the Easter bunny is a rabbit, not a human.

Why do you have chocolate bunnys?

chocolate bunnies are here for Easter. they are like the Easter bunny. but who knows why the Easter bunny came!

Is the Easter bunny a snake?

The Easter Bunny is a Bunny (:

How do you dress like the Easter bunny?

Put on a bunny suit.

What does the Easter bunny to eat?

the Easter bunny doesn't exist so it can't eat anything.(if the Easter Bunny was real it would eat carrots and lettuce like any other bunny)

Why doesn't the Easter Bunny like to be seen?

The Easter Bunny simply does not exist and cannot be found due to it.

What is the bunny's name in the movie HOP?

EB, it stands for Easter Bunny.

When does the Easter bunny come to your house?

Well the Easter Bunny goes around the world like Santa and it will come to your house when its on our side of the world i dont know for shure because the Easter Bunny is the Easter Bunny and it is magical.Or go to a website and check it out!^_^

What does the Easter bunny like drinking?

The Easter bunny doesn't have a favorite drink, but if you are a little kid and want to put out a drink for the Easter bunny, try something likewater, milk, or even a fruit or sweet drink, like a orange soda, ... How does Macedonia celebrate Easter?

What do bunny's have to do with Easter?

Its a bit like father Christmas and the Tooth fairy but the bunny delivers Easter eggs yummy :D

What is the Easter Bunny mostly like?

Not real

Where does the Easter bunny like to go?