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The word 'boeuf' is a masculine singular noun. It may refer to the animal, as in the case of steer. Or it may refer to the meat, as in the case of beef. Or it may refer to a jam session, in its special, music-related use in the phrase 'faire du boeuf', or 'to have a jam session'.

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What is the word for beef in french?

Beef in French is (le) boeuf.

What does LeBoeuf mean in french?

"Le boeuf," in English, means beef.

What does ma boeuf mean in French?

Boeuf means 'beef' in English. This is a masculine noun, so the possessive would be 'mon' instead of 'ma'.

Why is meat called beef?

The English word "beef comes from the French "boeuf", a part of our heritage resulting from William the Conqueror's invasion in 1066, from which many names for meats derive from French, such as gammon from gambon and mutton literally from mutton (albeit with a French accent!). As to where the French word boeuf comes from is another question...

What is ox in french?

An ox is un boeuf in French.

How do you pronounce beef in french?


French term for beef?


How do you say bullock in french?


Where does the word beef originate?

The Latin term is 'bovem', which passed into 14th century French as 'buef' which in modern French became 'boeuf'. This French word entered the English language as 'beef'.

What is the French for pot roast provincial?

Boeuf roti Provancal. The "c" in the last word is pronounced as an "s".

How do yo say beef in french?


How do you say beef in French?

le boeuf (masc.)

Is beef masculine or feminine in french?

It's masculine. Beef in French is le boeuf.

How do you say beef in France?

beef is spelled "boeuf" in French.

How do you say beef pie in french?

tarte au boeuf

How do you spell beef consomme in french?

Consommé de boeuf

How do you spell ground beef in french?

de boeuf hache

Is beef an old word?

It depends on what you mean by old. The word 'beef' was introduced into English during the French occupation of Great Britain starting in 1066. Its from the French word 'boeuf' meaning a cow or bull. Since the conquerors usually demanded their meat cooked and served to them, the French words for English animals came to mean their prepared meats. Thus English 'pork' is from French 'porc' which means 'pig', and English 'mutton' is from French 'mutton' meaning 'sheep'.

What does du mean?

"du" means "you" (informally) in German. In French it is the combination of de + le meaning "some" ex: du boeuf

What does le boeuf mean in English?


A food in french which begins with b and it is a meat?

le boeuf (beef)

What does Boeuf Gras mean?

Boeuf Gras suggests that the day before Lent traces it roots to ancient Greece and Greek mythology. Boeuf Gras or Fat Bull = Fat Tuesday.

How do you spell Beef Stew in French?

A beef stew is "un ragout de boeuf" in French.

What does le boeuf roti mean?

Roast Beef (:

What is the name of a Traditional french beef dish?

boeuf bourgignon - beef burgundy