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What does the Fuel Cutout light mean?


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2004-01-10 11:37:25
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It shouldn't go on and still start as I understand it. The fuel pump inertia switch it designed to shut the fuel pump off in case of a fuel leak or an accident. Inside the switch is a ball that is held magnetly rolls forward and engages a swith to stop fuel flow. It can be reset by by a button the top of the switch. It is located in the left rear of the trunk compartment.


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when i spin the motor the fuel cut out light comes on. The injectors are getting fuel but the car want hit a lick

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if you are referring to a warning light on the dash that is for the fuel cutoff, then it means the fuel cutout switch located in the luggage compartment on the right side is tripped.

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is the cutoff switch a normally open or normally closed switch ? If it a normally closed switch as it should be then the switch will need to activate with the ignition in order to supply fuel. There could be a problem with the fuel cutoff relay or a fuse. Also if you are using a non factory key then this might also happen.

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A fuel cut-out in a Mercury Tracer 93 is a sensor which will check the fuel level or can prevent the flow of fuel and thus a car cannot move. When this happens, the fuel cut out light will come on.Ê

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