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It shouldn't go on and still start as I understand it. The fuel pump inertia switch it designed to shut the fuel pump off in case of a fuel leak or an accident. Inside the switch is a ball that is held magnetly rolls forward and engages a swith to stop fuel flow. It can be reset by by a button the top of the switch. It is located in the left rear of the trunk compartment.

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Q: What does the Fuel Cutout light mean?
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What does the fuel cutout light mean on a 1993 ford escort?

when i spin the motor the fuel cut out light comes on. The injectors are getting fuel but the car want hit a lick

What is wrong with a 1991 Ford Escort if the fuel cutout light is on and it will not start even when the cutout switch is pushed?

Check the fuel pump fuse in the fuse block of the engine bay.

What does the message fuel cut outlet mean on a 1993 ford probe 4cy?

if you are referring to a warning light on the dash that is for the fuel cutoff, then it means the fuel cutout switch located in the luggage compartment on the right side is tripped.

Does the 2006 Dodge pickup have a fuel cutout switch?


Why would fuel cutout light on dash light and cutout switch not tripped and car will not start?

is the cutoff switch a normally open or normally closed switch ? If it a normally closed switch as it should be then the switch will need to activate with the ignition in order to supply fuel. There could be a problem with the fuel cutoff relay or a fuse. Also if you are using a non factory key then this might also happen.

What is fuel cutout in Mercury Tracer 93?

A fuel cut-out in a Mercury Tracer 93 is a sensor which will check the fuel level or can prevent the flow of fuel and thus a car cannot move. When this happens, the fuel cut out light will come on.Ê

1994 ford escort running very rough the fuel cutout light comes on for a second when car is first started?

I would start off by changing your fuel filter and putting some Marvel's or Lucus Fuel treatment in.

Where is the fuel cutout switch located for a 1990 Chevy lumina?

Doesn't have one.

Why does the Fuel cutout light always goes on and off while driving?

Because the "fuel cutout" unit is most likely lose and the ball inside it connects with the switches, hence making the light go on. Look in the rear on the drivers side behind the panel near to the floor and you should see an black little box with an red button sitting on a bracket with one bolt. If it is not it's loose and you will need to fasten it again.

What does the fuel shut off for a 1994 probe look like?

Please be specific, if you mean the fuel cutout switch, it is located in the trunk near the below the Matt on the driver side. It will have a thin rubber housing with a button to depress.

Does a 1990 Chevy Silverado have a gas light?

If you mean a low fuel light, then NO.

What would the problem be with your 94 ford probe you get a fuel cutout light and then your battery gauge goes down like it is draining and then shoots up to the high side then settles back to normal?

get a new alternater

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