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What does Kimberly mean in German?

The English name Kimberly is spelled in German the same as in English.

What does the name west mean?

German or English

What does yarbrough mean in German?

Yarborough is an English name. It has no meaning in German.

What does the name Smith mean in German?

English name: "Smith" is the German name: "Schmidt". And Baker is Bäcker.

What does the name Boris mean in German?

Boris means in English the same as in German.

What does schoeniger mean in German?

Schoeniger in German means nothing in English. It's a name.

What does the German name Schulz mean in English?

it means kev

What does volkswagen mean in English?

The English translation of the German name Volkswagen is People's car.

What does the name 'Kayla' mean in German?

Kayla means in English the same as in German.

What does Brianna mean in German?

Brianna is not a German name. Its root are English or Irish and it means "noble".

What does behr mean in German?

Bär in German mean bear in English. I think behr is a last name that comes from Bähr.

What does Carolyn mean in German?

The name Carolyn means joy or song of happiness. This name is technically not a German name but it does have meanings in Italian and in English.

What does hailey mean in German?

Hailey has no meaning in German. The name comes from an Old English surname which was originally derived from the name of an English town (meaning "hay clearing").

What does fritz mean in German?

Fritz is a German name for a man, the same as Gary is for a man in the English language

What does the planet Earth's name mean?

The name Earth is an English/German name which simply means the ground. It comes from the Old English words 'eor(th)e' and 'ertha'. In German it is 'erde'.

What does Jackie mean in German?

Jackie is a name, so it means the exact same thing in German as it does in English. Jackie is Jackie in German.

What does Alsace mean in English?

Alsace is a place with the same name in English as in French. In German is called Elsaß.

What does the name STEIN mean in English?

steinStein is the German word for "stone".

What does the German name Schultz mean in English?

Schultz means "village magistrate".

What does the German word 'selig' mean in English?

The German word 'selig' is usually translated into English as 'blessed.' The word can also mean 'blissful' or 'overjoyed.' Selig is also a German surname and given name.

What does Anna renko mean in German?

This is not a German phrase. If it is a given name, Anna is the same as Anna in English. Renko is a family name with Scandinavian roots.

What does Main Mann mean in English?

There is no such expression in German.Main is the name of a German river.Mann translates as man, husband

What does Hanna mean in German?

Hanna is an abbreviation of the girl's name Johanna in Geman and in English.

What does the name Hayden mean'?

In English, Hayden means "valley with hay," and in German, "heathen."

What does the German word minka mean in English?

Minka is a name that is often used for a cat.