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"May a good day be with you," which I suppose also translates to, in a way, "Have a nice day."

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Q: What does the Latin phrase 'Felix dies tibi sit' mean?
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What does Felix dies nativitatis mean?

It's Latin for 'Merry Christmas.'

What does the Latin phrase noctis in dies mean?

The Latin phrase "noctis in dies" translates to "from night into day." It can be interpreted as a transition or change from darkness to light, symbolizing a new beginning or transformation.

How do you say 'Happy Valentine's Day' in Latin?

The Latin equivalent of the English greeting 'Happy Valentine's Day' is Felix dies Valentini. In the word-by-word translation, the adjective 'Felix' means 'happy'. The noun 'dies' means 'day'. The noun 'Valentini' means 'Valentine's'.

What does the Latin Felix mean in English?

Felix means fruitful, lucky, happy, fortunate or successful

What does the Latin phrase ''si'' mean?

what does the Latin phrase ''Si Hoc'' mean

Does dies natalis mean happy birthday?

Dies natalis means simply "birthday": dies is "day", and natalis is "natal; pertaining to birth" (natalis can be used by itself to mean "birthday" as well).If you wanted to say "Happy Birthday" you would say Felix Dies Natalis, or simply Felix Natalis.

What does the Latin word 'Felix' mean?

it usually means happy, rich or lucky :)

What does the foreign phrase ld est mean?

The phrase is in Latin, and it translates to "It is."

What does the Latin phrase a priori mean?

From the former.

What does the Latin phrase vobiscum mean?

With you all.

What does the Latin phrase te telestai mean?

It is finish

What does the phrase '' E Pluribus Unum mean What does that phrase refre?

Latin for "out of many, one."