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What does the Latin root of Porto mean?


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The root word port means to carry.

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Latin (portus), meaning harbor. Latin porto, meaning carry.

What does the Latin root trib mean?means: tribe

The root "radic-" is from Latin radix, meaning "root".

The Latin verb porto means I carry, I bear, I convey.

The latin root meaning for cise is to cut

The Latin root vert means green.

The latin root vac means empty

the latin root mob means empty

the Latin root "spir" mean to breathe

The Latin root VI means way: Road

The Latin root audi- means sound or to hear.

The Latin word for "root" is radix, which is the source of such English words as radical, eradicate ("to root out") and radish.

As a verb "I bring", "I wear". As a noun: Dative singular of the second declination "portum", porto (To the port, for the port) ablative singular of the second declination: porto (with the port, through the port)

The Latin word for "carry" is "porto".

Sequ or Sekw are Latin root words that mean "to follow".

Leg in Latin roots mean to collect or read.

The root aud comes from the Latin word audire -to hear, listen.

its actually latin. the latin root imag means likeness. EX; imagine, imagination

Port, from the Latin porto, means "to carry."Then able, so put together ---> "able to carry."

The Latin root "acu" infers sharpness. It is derived from the latin word "acuare," which means "the sharpen." English words with this Latin root include acute and accurate.

The Latin root sent means feel.

"Hydro" root means "water"

Calor is the Latin word for "heat".

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