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What does the Naguamsett river represent?

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Q: What does the Naguamsett river represent?
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What does Naguamsett river represent in A Separate Peace?


What is symbolic about gene falling into the Naguamsett and Phineas into the Devon river in the book A Separate Peace?

Gene falling into the Naguamsett symbolizes the loss of innocence and the descent into darkness and guilt. Phineas falling into the Devon river symbolizes his vulnerability and foreshadows his tragic destiny. Both events suggest themes of mortality, betrayal, and the consequences of one's actions.

What does the Nile River represent?


What river might represent the laces of that boot?

mississippi river

What river might represent the laces of the boot of Louisiana And why?

The Mississippi river!!

What do you call land at the mouth of a river?

The land formed at the end of a river is called a delta. If you take your hand and spread out your fingers you can use your arm to represent the river and your fingers as the end of the river to represent the delta.

What did the River Styx represent in Ancient Greece?


What does the symbol of a blue line represent on a map?

Usually represent a stream, river, or other body's of water.

Why are dragons so important to China?

they represent there river valleys

What was represent the painting Washington crossing the river by boat boat is represent what?

represent to the united people make a good new country united state of America

Why you use line symbols to represent river and area symbols to represent ocean?

Rivers are (comparatively) narrow, oceans are wide.

On a map what does the symbol ofa blue line usually represent?

a river