What does the New Orleans Saints' logo mean?

The shape of the Saints logo is a fascinating piece of history. It consists of three small extensions on bottom extending down and out, then a small dividing belt, then three much larger extensions extending up and out. The space underneath the two large outward protruding arms, including the belt and the three smaller lower arms, are a result of the space on top of the Ark of the Covenant.

The cherubim's wings - and the space in-between their wings and the mercy seat (the lid of the Ark) - create the shape of the lower part of the insignia, with the upper portion (the large three arms) symbolizing the radiant quality of the Ark.

More input:

It's extremely hard to draw. Since it is predominately a French Catholic symbol, the name "Saints" was fitting. The symbol is a fleur de lis which is prounounced floor-da-lee, which means a "lily flower." It is found everywhere in France, usually as a sign of royalty. See the Related Link below for more information.