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The United States Special Forces are a special operational unit that specializes in unconventional warfare. They place special emphasis on training with foreign troops, and much of their work is considered classified.

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Q: What does the Special Forces division of the US Army do?
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Are the US Army Rangers special forces?

yes they are special operations

What is the Name for the US Army Special Forces?

US Army Special Forces. They are divided into Groups - 1st Group, 5th Group, 10th Group, etc.

Does Mexico have a special forces?

Yes. Both the Mexican Army and Navy have special forces groups. In fact, they train with their American counterparts: the US Army Special Forces and Navy SEALs.

How many people are in us army special forces?


Which army would win spetznaz or US army?

us army will destory the spetznaz they can be a special forces us still will kill

What armed force are the Green Berets?

They are the Special Forces of the US Army.

Does the US army have special forces?

The US have Delta Force, Rangers and Green Berets.

What did Special Forces do in World War 2?

While elite units were in existence during the Second World War, the US Army Special Forces was not.

Who was the founder of the us army?

The army special forces, commonly called Green Beret, was founded by colonel Aaron Bank

Where do us army special forces train?

Fort Benning,Fort Bragg,and Fort Carlson

Why is the special forces beret green?

Around WW2, select US Army Rangers and OSS operatives were taken over to the UK to complete the British commando course. Upon completion, they were issued the green beret. After the war, these soldiers then went on to become the first members of the newly formed Army Special Forces. They kept the British green berets as a sign of pride, but they were not sanctioned for wear by the Army. President Kennedy saw an exhibition by them and was very impressed, officially authorizing the beret to wear by US Special Forces only. The Army then took a Canadian beret design and created new US Army green berets for the Special Forces soldiers. There's more information on this on the US Army Special Forces Wikipedia page.

What is the popular name for Special Ops?

The popular name for Special Ops is Special Forces. They are many special forces around the world with some of the most famous being the British SAS, the US Navy Seals and the US Army Delta Force.

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