What does the T in T-Shirt mean?


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A T-shirt...

The T in T-shirt is there because the T-shirt is shaped as a T as also the shirt means (this is what I have ALWAYS been told by everyone I have ever asked) so as i was saying it means THE SHIRT.

Actually that is wrong the first person is most likely the right one.. Although, I do not know what it means I know it does not mean THE SHIRT. Because saying "I want the the shirt, does not make sense. And as Dr.Suess I have to make sure you know the rules of grammer. Lol << Laugh out Loud.

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Most t-shirts are 100% cotton.

AS of December 2013, there is not an official t-shirt for sale.

The general rule of thumb that you can use to convert a man's size t-shirt into the equivalent of a woman's size t-shirt is that a man's t-shirt is generally two sizes bigger than a woman's. So, a medium man's t-shirt is equal to a woman's extra large or XL t-shirt.

A T-shirt is called the same in French - and even pronounced the same. It is considered a masculine noun.

Walmart or Aldis. Your mom has a tshirt like that too.

T-shirt advertising means to promote your business by wearing or giving out t-shirts. This kind of t-shirts is called customized t-shirts. That is, a logo or brand image is printed or embroidered on the t-shirts, and the t-shirts serve as a walking advertisement.

A plain t-shirt is usually made from a knit cotton or poly/cotton fabric.

Yes, you can try Canon's TR-301 T-Shirt Transfer paper

Gildan 50/50 t-shirts are the best if you are thinking of printing something on them.

The TShirt Studio is a very popular design your own clothing website. They offer a variety of products including t shirts, hoodies, baby clothes, mugs, mouse pads, coffee mugs, key rings, and towels.

You can buy special t-shirt transfer paper that you can use with a regular printer, print out the design on to the paper and then iron the design on to the tshirt

A girls tshirt is always so stinking short because they &ldquo;have&rdquo; to look pretty for Jermey.&#128064;

Woof...on a man's T shirt means...he's a man...woof...woof...LOL-you forgot the four h's-hot-hard-handsome and hung-

Hi.. Mild rose tshirt with dark jean... nice look.. rocks

well you can google make your own tshirt and make one yourself.

For some reason the actor that played the T-shirt guy in Forrest Gump was not listed in the IMDb, even as an extra.

I don't think so. It involves copyright issues. You can print something more common on your tshirt, for example, natural scenery. That is to say, you can not put something related to names or personal images on your tshirt.

Yes, because the original name for a long sleeve shirt was a long sleeve tshirt, which make it a sub category of the overall tshirt category. Similar to a square is a rectangle but a rectangle is not a square

The t-shirt is made by a company called Primp. That particular shirt may be discontinued but there are plenty of cute prints to choose from. There is no information on exactly where Kate Gosselin bought her Primp tshirt with the strawberry print.

Do a google image shirt of "tshirt" and find an image of blank tshirt. Then use photshop or illustrator to add pictures/text as a template. You can find iron-on pages at many stores such as WalMart or Target that will feed through your printer and you can iron them onto a tshirt

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