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The ziggurat of Etemenanki found in the ancient city of Babylon is thought to be the likely remains of the Tower of Babel. There is nothing left of the structure itself. The deep impression that still exists from its base shows it was a massive building. It had dominated the city of Babylon having seven storeys and reaching 295 ft. high, but now it is just a heap of rubble a hundred metres from the late Saddam Hussein's palace in Baghdad.

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Q: What does the Tower of Babel look like now?
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Where in the middle east is the Tower of Babel located?

In Babylon, which is in what we now call Iraq.

What do some historians think was the Tower of Babel?

== == We know that the structure referred to in the Bible as the "Tower of Babel" was built in what is now modern-day Iraq, the east of Babylon, between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Archaeologists have found the site of the Tower of Babel, but it is now long gone.The Bible, Old testament: Book of Genesis; chapter 11, verse 1-8This verse talks about men building a tower so high that it can reach God; apparently to kill him.Then god apparently confused them in their language and speech, that they couldn't understand each other, they stopped the construction of the tower and parted with those they understood and was scattered all over the planet.The place is called Babel, it is believed that the base of the tower is in the south of Mesopotamia.

In what Middle East country can the Tower of Babel be seen?

The Tower of Babel never really existed outside the Bible and certain Jewish midrashim. When the Jews arrived in Babylon during the Babylonian Exile, they were amazed to see the great stepped pyramid which, to their rustic eyes, seemed to go almost to heaven. They learnt of Sumerian epics that describe a time when all humans shared a single language until the gods intervened to create a confusion of tongues. Thus, Jewish lore syncretised these discoveries to create the biblical story of the Tower of Babel. The stepped pyramid no longer exists, but it was in Babylon, in what is now Iraq.

Was the Tower of Babel in Babylon?

The Tower of Babel definitely existed in Babylon. The Greek historian Herodotus wrote of the ziggurat. Even in 460 BC, after the tower had been crumbling for many years, the Greek historian Herodotus visited the tower and was very impressed. "It has a solid central tower, one furlong square, with a second erected on top of it and then a third, and so on up to eight. All eight towers can be climbed by a spiral way running around the outside, and about halfway up there are seats for those who make the journey to rest on." There are three possible locations for it:- ...[T]he Tower of Babel [is] somewhere in Babylon [b]ut there are three principal opinions as to its precise position in the city. (1) ....located the tower in the north of the city, on the left bank of the Euphrates, where now lie the ruins called Babil....... (2) ... places the tower on the ruins of Tell-Amram, ...These ruins are situated on the same side of the Euphrates as those of the Babil, and also within the ancient city limits. (3)...tower of Babel with the ruins of the Birs-Nimrud, in Borsippa, situated on the right side of the Euphrates, some seven or eight miles from the ruins of the city proper. ...

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