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If the "WS" follows a number (i.e. 32 WS) it stands for Winchester Special and is part of the name of a cartridge.

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What does w - s equal?

That depends on the value of "w", and on the value of "s".You can't simplify the expression, if that's what you mean.

What does s and w mean on a gun?

smith and wesson.

What does 4 W and the S S mean?

4 whalers and the star shooters

What does W B S mean?

Work Breakdown Structure

What does 7 equals S W S D mean?

snow white seven dwarfs

What does T S W R A mean?

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What does s m w you y b mean?

suck my wang

What doe the Serial number AWMXXXX on my S and W 64-3 mean?

check with the S&W factory at: 1 800 331 0852

What does the button W and S mean on the shifter in a Mercedes Benz E200?

W = Winter S = Summer They are the driving mode for the car, whether it is winter or summer.

What does the button W and S mean on the shifter in a Mercedes Benz E200 Classic?

W is for Winter , S is for summer . In areas where there is no snow , flooding and a big miss , keep it on S . all this is in the manual .

What does 5 d in a s w mean?

5 Days in a Short Week

What does 7 D and S W mean?

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What does w s mean on the centre console of a Mercedes clk mean?

W - Winter driving / slows down the RPM's S - Sport driving / widens the shift pattern and holds the gear longer before shifting

Use the function s=w-3 to find the value of s when w=5?

s = 5-3 s = 2

What does TAM mean in front of SN on s and w 9mm pistol?

Part of the sn.

What does 6 C in a S C W mean?

I have no idea, but I have to answer the exact same question.

What does 40 cal smith and Wesson mean?

A weapon that is chambered in 40 S&W

What does 7 d in a s w mean?

7 Dwarfs in Snow White (Story)

Where can you get a stock for a s and w rifle?

Try S&W.

How do you get through the sootopolis city gym in Pokemon emerald?

you have to break all the ice tiles nord: N east: E south: S west: W 1st floor:stand on the stairs N W N E E N W A STAIR WILL APPEAR 2st floor: stand on the stairs N W W W N N E E S E E S E E N N W W W A STAIR WILL APPEAR 3st floor: stand on the stairs (this is the hardest one) N W W N W S W W N N N E S E E N E S E S E S E N E E S E N N N W W S W N W W

How much is a s?

value of a S&W sd9ve S&W SV9DE worth

What are the ratings and certificates for A-W-S- - 1916?

A-W-S- - 1916 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U

How do you make a fence gate in Minecraft?

S= Sticks W= wooden planks N= nothing N N N S W S S W S

How do you run in minecraft 1.8.1?

Seriously? You run by pressing the W A S D keys. If you mean sprinting you double tap and then hold W. Wow.

S and w 4516-2?

You will have to call S&W