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The adjective "objective" means not from a particular standpoint, how something is as opposed to how it appears to be, absolute as opposed to relative. Its opposite is the word "subjective" which means how something appears from a particular viewpoint. So an essay or article might be criticised for being insufficiently objective, being too much concerned with the way the issue affects the writer.

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Q: What does the adjective objective mean?
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What is the adjective form of object?

The adjective for the noun object is objective (can also mean not subjective).The adjective form of the verb to object is the present participle, objecting.

What is an superlative form of an objective?

An objective is a noun, but you can use objective as an adjective, in which case the superlative is - the most objective.

What is the adjective of school?

The objective is school is to teach you the difference between adjective vs objective. Look it up and stay in school!

What does the suffix -cy mean?

it changes an adjective into a noun. He is an efficient runner. ----> adjective He is efficient -----> predicate adjective. What is his efficiency? -----> noun objective case. Efficiency is a desirable quality. ----> noun subjective case. He is a democratic ruler. ---> adjective. His rule is democratic. ------> predicate adjective. The best of all governments is democracy. ------> noun objective case. Democracy is coming to the U.S.A. --> noun subjective case (Song by Lenard Cohen)

Is she an adjective?

No. She is the nominative form of a personal pronoun. The possessive adjective is her, which is also the objective form of the pronoun. (The possessive pronoun is hers.)

Is attain an adjective?

No, it is not. Attain is a verb meaning to achieve a goal or objective.

What is the difference between principle and objective?

They are not close in meaning. An objective is a goal, a target, something you wish to reach or accomplish. As an adjective, objective means detatched from personal biases and feelings. A Principle is a general rule or guide to action. Principle cannot be used as an adjective although its homonym principal can.

Modern historians strive to be objective What does it mean to be objective?

what does it means that historians strive to be objective

What is an first person appropriate pronoun?

The first person pronouns are: I (subjective) and me (objective)we (subjective) and us (objective)ours (possessive pronoun) and our (possessive adjective)

Which of these pronouns is in the objective case mine me I or my?

The pronoun in the objective case is me, a personal pronoun.I = personal pronoun, subjective casemine = possessive pronoun, takes the place of a noun in the subjective or objective casemy = possessive adjective, describes a subjective or objective noun

What does to be objective mean?

Being free from bias! That's what objective means!

Is Sidney a direct object or predicate adjective orpredicate nominative or objective complement?

The word 'Sidney' is a proper noun, the name of a specific person, place, or thing. A proper noun, a name can be uses as a subject, a direct object, an indirect object, a predicate nominative, or an objective complement. A predicate adjective is normally an adjective, not a noun.