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Q: What does the amune system help us do?
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What are the 6 major human body system?

central nervous system, reproductive system, amune system, respretory system, periferal system and that's all i can think up :) the skeletal system

Is it okay if you miss one night of sleep?

It depends on you imune system, but if you have a week amune system you get spots and bags and sh*t u noe wah im sayin

How do you stop a girls mustache from growing?

Shave it ,wax it or eat loads of fruit and veg because it helps u have a good amune system.

If the white blood cells cant stop invadind pathogens what can?

If white blood cells are unable to stop invading pathogens, the immune response can become overwhelmed and lead to an infection. In this case, the body may require additional support such as medication (like antibiotics or antivirals) to fight off the pathogens. It is important to seek medical attention if the immune response is not effectively controlling the infection.

What will make you dehydrate more quickly if you drink seawater or fresh water?

because your body and amune system is not used to it and it does not know how to clean it so yea

how would the US metric system help you?

The US does not use the metric system.

Does skeletal system help us stand?


Which system works with the skeletal system to help us with movement?


Can you keep reinfecting yourself with the same cold virus?

No u get amune to it

Does the salinity of the ocean affect the color of sea plants?

no, because they are amune to it

How does the endocrine system help with movement?

They direct the muscles to help us move

How does the muscle system help us move?

by excercising