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The bolt carrier, the firing pin, the carrier pin, the extractor, the cam pin, the bolt, the extractor retaining pin.... that's the assembly, but the charging handle is also defined as part of the bolt carrier group.

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Q: What does the bolt carrier assembly for the m16 consist of?
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What is the material for a M16 Bolt?

The M16 assault rifle's bolt and bolt carrier are made of steel.

List 4 Major Component Groups of the M16 Rifle?

Lower Receiver AssemblyUpper Receiver AssemblyBolt and Bolt Carrier AssemblyMagazine Group Assembly

What are the materials for an m16?

The M16 assault rifle has a 7075 aluminium alloy receiver, steel barrel, bolt, and bolt carrier, and glass-reinforced polymer handguard, pistol grip, and buttstock.

Major Component Groups of the M16 Rifle?

Upper Receiver: Bolt Carrier Group: Gas System Lower receiver: Trigger Group

What is m16 grade 8.8 bolt?

A bolt.

What is the indication that the last round has been fired on the m16?

the bolt will remain open

How much does a M16 bolt weigh in average?

2 1/2 ounces

Is the l96 better than the m16?

uh well there completly different guns...the m16 is a assualt rifle and the l96 is a bolt action rifle. m16 is probly the better choice if your trying to survive on a battlefield.

What is the assembly of the M16 Rifle?

Same as most US Rifles; barrel, receiver group.

How do you load a m16 a4?

It's the same as the M16, M16A1, M16A2, M4, C7, C8, or unlicenced clones of the M16. The ideal way to go about it would be to start by pulling back on the charging handle until it's all the way to the rear. You would then engage the bolt catch on the left side of the receiver to lock the bolt to the rear. Then you'd return the charging handle to the forward position, ensuring it locks into place. Your next step would be to rotate the selector lever to safe. Once that's done, take the magazine. You can tap the back side of the magazine against your kevlar or any other object to ensure the rounds are seated, if you wish, then you'd insert the magazine into the magazine well, ensuring that you hear the click which indicates that the magazine is locked into place. Then, you would reengage the bolt catch to release the bolt carrier. When the bolt carrier is returned to the forward position, tap on the forward assist to ensure proper seating of the round in the chamber. At this point, you're ready to fire the weapon.

How does a M16 rifle work?

Typically called the Direct Gas Impingement. The AR-15 system is not a true DI system, according to Eugene Stoner in his patent this is a true inline expanding gas piston system. Not a DI system like the Ljungman. With a chambered round, the sear releases the hammer that strikes the firing pin. The firing pin is forced forward igniting the primer which in turn ignites the powder. This begins to push the bullet down the bore, the bullet is pushed by gases, and when the bullet passes the gas port(a small hole drilled in the top of the barrel) a small portion of that gas is siphoned off while the rest is sent out the barrel behind the bullet. At this point the gas flows up into the front sight base(which has a small hollow chamber) and begins to travel down the gas tube. When it reaches the carrier key(the key is hollow) the gas is directed down into the bolt carrier to the rear of the bolt tail and the gas rings. This forms a true piston chamber, inside this chamber formed by the gas rings, bolt tail, and carrier chamber(inside of the carrier) the gas begins to expand pushing the carrier rearward(the bolt is locked in by the barrel extension and cannot move forward). As the carrier moves rearward, the cam pin becomes engaged by the cam pin tract in the bolt carrier and unlocks the bolt by rotating it so the bolt lugs are clear of the chamber lugs. Once the bolt is fully unlocked the gas inside of the bolt carrier chamber is expelled out of the two gas vents in the side of the carrier(they are vented out of the ejection port), now the bolt carrier begins extracting the spent case and once the case clears the ejection port the pressure from the ejector pushes the case out of the rifle. That is the basic of how the DI system works(or truly a inline gas piston system) in the AR-15 system.(M16, M4, MK18, ect.)

Are m16 a1 rifles parts exchangeable with m16 a2 parts?

Yes. However, a used bolt face should not be used with any barrel other than the one it was originally mated with.