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what does the cathedral de notre dame look like

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โˆ™ 2011-03-31 15:29:39
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Q: What does the cathedral of Notre Dame look like?
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What does Notre Dame de Paris look like?

What does Notre Dame look like?

If you mean the beautiful cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris in France, it has been photographed hundreds of thousands of times. The link below will take you to the Google images search results page, and you can click any of the thumbnail views to see a bigger photograph.

Who designed the Notre Dame Cathedral?

the construction began in 1163 and lasted for centuries, with many changes in the original design. Have a look at the official website (link)

Are there actual gargoyles on the notre dame that look like the ones from Disneys the Hunchback of NotreDame?

no r u kidding i mean my god!

How much is does it cost to go to Notre Dame?

look at the related links for some helpful info

Who are the characters in red robes in the Hunchback of Notre Dame song Hellfire?

The red-hooded figures from The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hellfire song are not meant to represent anyone in particular. They are just harbingers of damnation and meant to look very frightening.

Is Michigan better than Notre Dame?

no! whoever asks this question needs to be taught a lesson. Now look up if norte dame is better than michigan.

What does the plaque the Notre Dame football team taps before entering the field say and look like exactly?

Regtagualar gold sign with blue lettering and says "PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY"

What does the modern Coventry Cathedral look like?

Flowers on the side of the cathedral lots about ww2 and lots of info.

What does the St Basil cathedral look like?

a wheel and a triangle

Is Bon Jovi Notre Dame fan?

No. He loves Boston College. It may look like he's an ND fan, but that's just because Weis likes HIM and gave him free ND swag.

Name a building memorial statue or heritage site associated with joan of arch?

According to Wikipedia The St. Joan of Arc Chapel is located on Marquette University's campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. There seems to be a statue of Joan of Arc if you look on its website. Also there is one in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

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