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what does the cathedral de notre dame look like


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If you mean the beautiful cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris in France, it has been photographed hundreds of thousands of times. The link below will take you to the Google images search results page, and you can click any of the thumbnail views to see a bigger photograph.

the construction began in 1163 and lasted for centuries, with many changes in the original design. Have a look at the official website (link)

The habits look like School Sisters of Notre Dame.

look at the related links for some helpful info

The red-hooded figures from The Hunchback of Notre Dame Hellfire song are not meant to represent anyone in particular. They are just harbingers of damnation and meant to look very frightening.

no! whoever asks this question needs to be taught a lesson. Now look up if norte dame is better than michigan.

Regtagualar gold sign with blue lettering and says "PLAY LIKE A CHAMPION TODAY"

Flowers on the side of the cathedral lots about ww2 and lots of info.

No. He loves Boston College. It may look like he's an ND fan, but that's just because Weis likes HIM and gave him free ND swag.

According to Wikipedia The St. Joan of Arc Chapel is located on Marquette University's campus in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.A. There seems to be a statue of Joan of Arc if you look on its website. Also there is one in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Since it is greek for saying Cathedral, it looks like an ancient church.

Don't bother. You can't enjoy a museum in thirty minutes. Maybe just go to the Notre Dame and look around.

I think the main message is that even if you look deformed on the outside but you have a kind and brave heart you are the man. However if you look fine on the exterior but you have a cruel and evil heart you are the monster. (Sorry I'm not so sure)

For the 2013 to 2014 school year, the total expected cost of an undergraduate attending Notre Dame University is $60,117. This cost include tuition and fees, books, room and board, personal costs, transportation. Tuition and fees alone is estimated to be $44,605. Students should look at the link in the related links section to find out what their specific estimated costs will be for their particular school year.

Like Jese said on full house LOOK IT UP

Was introduced to him tonight and decided to look him up. He works at a bank in the city of Hartsville in South Carolina. Other than that I do not know much else. Hope this helps.

An old Gothic cathedral with pointed arches and surrounded by a high stone wall.

Catholicism is practiced in a place of worship that is called a church or a cathedral. It often looks like it has towers and large rooms to worship.

yes it is better to go to a private school than a public school. these types of colleges look at who has a better education to give scholarships to because if they give a scholarship to a student they want the student to do good.

Je me réjouis de notre rencontre

Where are gargoyles located? Gargoyles can be found all around the world. Originally started around the thirteenth and fourteenth century, the art device spread across Europe and now the whole world uses them as a convenient art source, building requirements, architecture, and much more. You can find gargoyles pretty much anywhere you look for them. Some of the more famous ones can be found in the Notre Dame Cathedral in Europe, but one does not need to travel all the way to the eastern hemisphere to see this magnificent site. Other places you may look can be the Chrystar Building in New York City, or the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. This area is known to have the scariest human gargoyles ever created: the lawyer. Where else can you uncover gargoyles? Today, they are located everywhere: in bookends, candle holders, incense burners, souvenir statues, and key chains.

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