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What does the chloroplast do?

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Absorbs light energy , splits water and releases oxygen, fixes CO2 and synthesises organic products.

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Q: What does the chloroplast do?
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Part of chloroplast?

Parts of the chloroplast include the granum, the chloroplast envelope, and the thylakoid. The function of a chloroplast is to contain chlorophyll.

Does gloeocapsa has chloroplast?

Gloeocapsa does not have chloroplast because it is a prokaryote. Only plants have chloroplast

What do chloroplast do?

Chloroplast perform photosynthesis.

Does protista have chloroplast?

some have chloroplast

What is an example of chloroplast?

A chloroplast is a jelly

What contains stroma?

a chloroplast A chloroplast

How is chloroplast made?

what is the chloroplast made off

How do you spell chloroplast?

Like you spelt it 'Chloroplast'

Does moss have chloroplast?

Yes it does have chloroplast. If you can do and experiment.

Does paramoecium has chloroplast?

Paramecium is a heterotroph.It does not have chloroplast

Do roses have chloroplast?

every plant has chloroplast

Is chloroplast nonvascular?

chloroplast is non-vascular

Do protist have chloroplast?

some protists have chloroplast

How do you compare a Chloroplast to a hospital?

A Chloroplast can be compared to a sonar panel in a hospital because a sonar panel has sunlight and with a chloroplast, a chloroplast consumes energy from sunlight.

What dose the chloroplast do for the cell?

The chloroplast is the site of photosynthesis. The chloroplast is composed of the lumen and the stroma. The inside of the chloroplast looks like stacks of discs with gel in between them.

Is chloroplast a molecule?

Chloroplast is not a molecule. Chloroplast is an organelle in plant cells that convert sunlight into energy for the plant.

Do moon cactus have chloroplast?

yes, all plant life has chloroplast. chloroplast is what makes the plant food

What organelle in the euglena carries out photosynthesis?

The chloroplast carries out photosynthesis in the EuglenachloroplastThe chloroplast, like in plants.

What is a example of chloroplast?

An example of chloroplast is leaves because the chloroplast changes color their for turning the leaf colors

Where is the chlorophyll located in the chloroplast?

In the Thylakoid membrane of the chloroplast

Does a chloroplast have DNA?

Yes, chloroplast contains DNA.

Where is chloroplast?

Chloroplast is concentrated in the mesophyll layer of the leaf.

Chloroplast in a plant cell?

does a plant cell have chloroplast

How big is the chloroplast?

Chloroplast is 2 to 10 micrometers

What is the plural of chloroplast?

The plural of chloroplast is chloroplasts. As in "these are the chloroplasts".