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What does the color red mean in China?


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Ginger is like red


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The color red to china basically means dragon/warrior type of thing. (STRONG)

Red China refers to Communist China. Red is the color of Communism, thus resulting in the name Red China

The people in China like the color red because in their culture the color red represents joy and good fortune.

. The red color of the packet symbolizes good luck

In China, the color purple symbolizes love.

china, natural color there!

I am guessing that red originated from China because that is the roofs of most Chinese houses and buildings and things like these. Red is the most famous color in China.

the color red is important to china because it means luckiness

a color that is as red as blood.

For communist China, yes. China thinks red is good luck and wears it on New Years Day.

The color red is very important to Chinese people, because it is the color of luck. Unfortunately, it is now also associated with Chairman Mao and communism, but that is not its true meaning in their culture.

The red flag of the People's Republic of China symbolizes the spirit of their revolution and its five stars signify the unity of the people of China under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party. Generally, the color red stands for good luck in China.

if you mean what color do you mix together to get red, you can't. Red is a primary color.

His suit colour in China is a solid red. It is also a classic to wear a red suit.

China's flag's color was chosen for many reasons. In ancient China, yellow was the emperor's color and red was the color to scare the evil spirits. When Mao took over China, he chose red as the background because it was powerful color and the Soviet's flag also had red as the background. Mao chose 5 yellow stars because yellow was the color in Soviet's flag and it was the emperor's color. The 5 stars represent the jobs in China. China's flag looks similar to USSR's flag.

The color redDragonsRats (for prosperity)

Communism; the blood of revolution.

It represents red represents for bravey....It also represents Chinese people....And my last reason what does the color of china represents your moms bloody boobees

Red is communism, from the blood of revolution.

It is of red color with yellow stars on north west of flag.

the color red symbolizes Love Health luck or well being. basically it represents anything having to do with a person"s well being.

Communism, representing the blood of revolution.

It was made in China. That's all I know!

The term, "Red" does not refer directly to a color, but rather to China being a Communist country.

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