What does the company Kanetix do?

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The company Kanetix is an insurance company that offers a number of insurance products to consumers, such as auto insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and health insurance.

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Q: What does the company Kanetix do?
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How does kanetix make money and afford such extensive advertising?

Kanetix has agreements set up with Canada's top insurance companies as a refferal service, they bring in lots of clients and receive a type of commission not from Kanetix users, but the companies themselves.

What company has the best quotes for car insurance?

The Canadian company Kanetix is one of the most popular providers of car insurance quotes. Direct Line is among the most popular providers in the UK. For the US it's Progressive.

Where can one find quote comparisons for a fully comprehensive car insurance?

One can find quote comparisons for comprehensive car insurance on the Kanetix website. Kanetix gathers quotes from several insuramce companies for their users.

Where could one purchase auto insurance in Canada?

Car insurances in Canada are provided by State Farm Canada, Allstate Canada, Aviva, Federated Insurance Company of Canada and Intact Insurance Company of Canada. One can compare quotes of Canadian car insurances at the Kanetix website.

Where can one apply for a local insurance plan in Edmonton?

There are many different types of plans and many different businesses offering plans in Alberta. The best ones to look into are: State Farm, Alberta Best, TD Insurance, AMA, and Canadian Direct. One company that is local to Edmonton is Kanetix.

Where can one get cheaper car insurance?

You can get cheaper car insurance by getting multiple quotes from different insurance companies. Some of the popular websites that help you do this include Kanetix and Insurance Hunter.

Where can one find online insurance quotes?

There are a variety of websites dedicated to online insurance quotes. Some sites that you may want to try include Insurance Hunter, Kanetix and eSurance.

Where could one go to find mortgage rate comparisons?

There are companies that will provide mortgage rate comparisons. In Canada Kanetix and Rate Supermarket will do it online. Banks will also post their mortgage rates.

What are some useful car insurance sites?

Some useful car insurance websites include Kanetix and Insurance Hunter. These websites provide the user with the lowest insurance quotes from various companies.

What are the leading Canadian car insurance brokers?

The leading car insurance brokers for car insurance in Canada is Kanetix, they can also provide insurance for travel, home, mortgage rates and credit cards.

Where can one get a quote for a car insurance?

Calling a local insurance broker is an easy way to get several quotes on car insurance as brokers tend to represent several insurance companies. Additionally, most major insurance company websites will allow you to enter your information for a quote. Finally, websites such as Kanetix will search many insurance companies and provide you with the top 3 quotes.

Where can I find travel insurance online?

You can buy travel insurance online through RBC Insurance, Blue Cross and Travelguard. You can consult Kanetix to get a list of sites and quotes.

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