What does the construction term invert mean when talking about a plumbing pipe?

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invert refers to the elevation of the inside bottom of a pipe. Specifically, the elevation at which flow occurs
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How is invert level of drain pipe calculated in plumbing services?

Pipe Gradients. Above ground and below ground horizontal drainage pipes should be laid to an adequate gradient. . Gradients from 1 in 40 to 1 in 110 will normally give

What does the plumbing term scoring mean?

To "score" something means to roughen up the surface. Typically, this is done to increase the adhesive quality or to prepare a surface bond with another.

What is the plumbing term Sweating mean?

The term "sweating" in plumbing refers to the process of joining and sealing copper pipes and fittings by heating the copper and applying solder after the pipes/joint fitting

What is air in you plumbing pipes mean?

air in a boier system: noise, possible no/ low heat in certain areas. usually means system needs to be bled / pressure checked. . air in a potable sytem: cracked line in well

What does the term prohibited means referring to plumbing?

Prohibited means 'not allowed'. The use of lead solder on copper pipe carrying drinking water is prohibited, meaning that it is a violation of code and is illegal. Installi

What does CXC mean in plumbing terms?

When it comes to a plumbing fitting, description CxC means the fitting is Copper by Copper, or the fitting is used to join two pieces of copper

What are plumbing pipes?

The pipes which are used by plumbers for installation andmaintenance for the distribution of potable water for heating andwashing, water borne waste removal and drinking also.

What is invert of pipe?

The Invert Level of a pipe is the level taken from the bottom of the inside of the pipe as shown below. . INVERT LEVEL OF PIPE . Section through pipe. Water level. In
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What does the term inverted mean?

If something has been inverted it has been put upside down, reversed or put in opposite order etc. An example of inverted sentence structure is: "Dark is the night's sky" (a

What does the plumbing term airbreak mean?

It is a break between the end of a pipe and the point water can ' pool' , so the pipe can not siphon water up. - Most common place you should see this is the vent pipe on Hot