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The membrane will move back & forth a little, in synch with the noise.

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Q: What does the ear drum do when their is a loud noise?
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Is music a cause for pollution?

if it is loud yes. it is called noise pollution. it may affect your ear drum.

How can noise affect your hearing?

Loud noise can affect the ear drum and cause it to rupture. If it's bad enough noise can cause someone to go deaf.

Where in your ear does loud music damage?

The ear drum vibrates and the sound is picked up and interpretated by the brain. Sudden loud noise, such as an explosion, could cause damage to the drum, as too can loud music over a long time, and lead to temporary or permanent deafness.

How can your ear drum be broken?

extremely loud noise can break your ear drums. sticking things in your ears. hard hits to the head. anything loud or physical trauma to your head can cause the ear drums to be broken.

How does the ear drum vibrate if sound is loud?

The ear drum vibrates at greater amplitude.

Which organ or membrane is irreversible damage caused by a very loud noise?

The tympanic membrane (also known as the ear drum)

Can soft sound damage your ear drum?

No only loud noises will damage your ear drum.

What causes ringing hearing problems after loud noises?

when something loud enters your ear, the ear drum will create echoeing sounds and vibrations, which is that loud noise. It is the same as screaming into a large tower bell, you will hear sharp or low ringing depending on how loud.

How can noise damage the ear?

Loud Noise And Explosions may damage the ear drums...

How does someone ear can be damaged by loud sound?

the ear drum can burst :)

What does the eardrum in the ear do?

every time something like a loud or soft noise enter your ears the drum starts to hit against the the anvil.

Why is a drum percussion so loud?

Drum percussion is so loud because of the oscillations of the drum surface. The oscillation of drum surface causes oscillation of air molecules and loud noise.

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