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It is the total number of wins of the first place team and losses of the second place team for the first place team to clinch the division or wild card.

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Q: What does the elimination number mean in terms of how many games you need to win or lose?
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How many games will be played in a 95 team tournament?

There will be 94 games. If a tournament is single elimination, the number of games will always be one less than the number of teams. This is because all teams must lose one game, except for the champion.

In a knockout with 39 players how many games are played?

Assuming that a knock out is a single elimination tournament, where each player/team plays until they lose, there are 38 games. Only one team will not lose.

What is single elimination in volleyball?

Single elimination in volleyball is when as soon as you lose you are done/finished.

What happens if you lose a Direct Elimination Bout?

your out of the tournament

What is a sentence for elimination?

Our high school football team faces elimination from the state playoffs if they lose the game tonight.

There are 64 basketball teams in a single elimination tournament. A team is eliminated whenever they lose one game. How many games will be played in the entire tournament?


Can a person change their mind after signing a purchase and sale agreement to buy land?

That depends on the terms of the contract. The buyer may lose their deposit.That depends on the terms of the contract. The buyer may lose their deposit.That depends on the terms of the contract. The buyer may lose their deposit.That depends on the terms of the contract. The buyer may lose their deposit.

Ho won WWE championship elimination chamber match?

In 2010 John Cena had won the title in the elimination chamber only to lose it seconds later to Batista

What does the magic number of six mean to the Chicago Cubs to get into the play offs?

The 'magic number' is the number of Cubs wins and Brewers losses, when added together, it takes for the Cubs to make the playoffs. With a magic number of 6, if the Cubs win 4 more games and the Brewers lose 2 games the Cubs make the playoffs. If the Cubs win 2 more games and the Brewers lose 4 more games, the Cubs are in. If the Cubs win 0 and the Brewers lose 6, the Cubs are in.

Did undertaker lose the title?

yes at the elimination chamber match to chris Jericho thanks to Shawn michales

What is a double elimination tournament?

A double elimination tournament means you have to lose twice before being eliminated from the competition. If you lose once, you are sent to the "losers' bracket". In the losers' bracket you are allowed to continue competing against other teams that have also lost once. If you lose a second time you are eliminated. The winner of the losers' bracket places third in the overall competition.

Does the elimination diet actually work?

The elimination diet does work when you want to lose weight in a hurry, but it basically only flushes out your system. Also make sure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Does human brain decrease with age?

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A team won 6 games and lost 8 what is the ratio of wins to number of games?

assuming there were no draws then the win to lose ratio is 3:4

If the Vikings beat the Cowboys who do the Cowboys play next?

The format of the NFL playoffs is single elimination. Lose and you go home.

Does the number in baseball games than football games make a difference for playoffs?

Yes in football there is one game and if u lose your out in baseball it is best of 7

How many terms can be served as British Prime Minister?

Any number- unlike the United States President, a British Prime Minister is not restricted to the number of terms they can serve in office, and can continue to be re-elected until they either lose public popularity or else choose to resign.

Who is going to win the WWE Elimination Chamber 2010?

The winner of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match was Chris Jericho to gain the World Heavyweight Championship. The winner of the Raw Elimination Chamber match was John Cena to gain the WWE Championship, only to lose it seconds later to Batista match made per McMahon.

How many games did the mariners lose in 2008?

7 games

How many times can a candidate run for president of the United States?

There is no limit to the number of times a candidate can run and lose. If they win, they can serve at most 2 consecutive terms.

Do video games lose singal?

If they're on wifi they can lose connection to the internet

How many games did the black hawks lose out of all games?

The answer is 12!

If the cougars won 62 percent of their games and they won 93 games how many games did they lose?

7 games

Can you lose your life from playing video games?


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