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What does the elimination number mean in terms of how many games you need to win or lose?


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2004-10-09 03:23:32
2004-10-09 03:23:32

It is the total number of wins of the first place team and losses of the second place team for the first place team to clinch the division or wild card.


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There will be 94 games. If a tournament is single elimination, the number of games will always be one less than the number of teams. This is because all teams must lose one game, except for the champion.

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Single elimination in volleyball is when as soon as you lose you are done/finished.

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Assuming that a knock out is a single elimination tournament, where each player/team plays until they lose, there are 38 games. Only one team will not lose.

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Our high school football team faces elimination from the state playoffs if they lose the game tonight.

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