Lottery refers to a game of chance, where winners are determined by drawing of lots. Although forbidden by law in some countries, others even endorse the game for the purpose of raising the revenue of the government.

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What would you do if you won the lottery?

Save some money

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How can you remain anonymous after winning the lottery?

Actually, your best bet is to sign the back of the ticket and put it in a safe place. Then go find yourself a good lawyer and have the attorney set up a trust with a bank. The trust will need a name. Let's name it the " BigWin Trust". Once BigWin Trust is properly set up the lawyer will have one of the bank officers present the winning ticket to the lottery agency and accept the winnings on behalf of the BigWin Trust. This is legal in the states that have Powerball. Not sure about Megamillion states. But, sign the ticket, put it in a safe place, see a lawyer, set up a trust and then keep your mouth shut and no one will ever know.

Powerball web sites states the following: "All but five states (DE, KS, MD, ND, OH) have laws that require the lottery to release the name and city of residence to anyone who asks. Other states may offer to assist you in some way, including such things as the creation of trusts. But generally, you will want to hire an attorney to review the laws in your state to see what options you might have. Photos and press conferences are up to you for most, but not all states. Check with your state lottery to see if photos or more are required. Most of the time, it is advisable to get it over with the press so that you don't have one or more reporters following you around to get that "exclusive" interview. Even if the you can keep your identity secret from the press and the public, you will have to be known to the lottery - so they can confirm that you are eligible to play and win."

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Do elderly pay taxes on lottery winnings?

Yes. The full amount of your (Lottery) gambling winnings for the year must be reported on line 21 other income of the IRS Form 1040 page 1.

The amount will be added to all of your other gross worldwide income and taxed at your marginal tax rate.


What lottery to play if dream of dead people?

729 if you dream and talk to the dead and 769 if you only dream about them ......

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What lottery number occurs most often?

Please try and understand the enormity of what you are asking, as this question has come up before.

Lottery "numbers" are a series. Various balls or slips or number segments are generated, typically with two digits a piece, and a certain number of pieces selected.

Thus there might be six balls each with a two digit number on them.

I cannot conceive, given the thousands of lottery game types - let alone how many times each has been played - that there is any meaningful way of comparing the data of one game to the next, so that if 12 54 23 84 33 03 came up on a lottery ball drawing in Indiana on March 22, 1994 and the same series came up on a card in New Jersey in August 9, 2007 that we would know.

Nor would it actually mean anything. In the event that we found (by someone crunching vast amounts of data from dozens of states) some one series that showed up a bit more often, it would be meaningless.

If you flip a coin ten times, it is probable that there may be more times where it is one tihng than another. 6 heads and 4 tails. This does not then make "heads" likely to occur "more often". Just means it did that time.

If any number series has repeated - and I'm sure some have - it would not mean a thing. 17 different series might have had instances where they repeated twice. 5 may have had it happen 3 times. Maybe there is one out there that repeated 12 times! But I can assure you that the little balls in the hopper are not aware of it, nor the number generator, nor any other device.

Like the coin, it cannot "know" what has been picked or won before. The odds are therefore always the same. Flip a coin ten times, and in the unlikely event that it came up heads ten will still be a fifty/fifty chance on the next flip.

Here is the short way to know the number that will always occur "most often": By the odds clearly stated - usually on the ticket itself - the most often chose number...will not be your's.


Are lottery numbers really random?


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Where can you get the lotto black book for free?

I found the book on a site it is not completely free but it is cheaper the name is different but it offers the same formula lotterywinningtips blogspot com

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When did the national lottery begin?

The UK national Lottery Began on the 19 November 1994


Have ever sequential numbers won any lottery?

Lottery numbers are randomly generated it is impossible for one to know the result before the draw, just like the online bingo games at Bingo Time all numbers are random so fair play to every player is rest assured.


Is the Lottery Black book a scam?


$98 for the sale of 1000 books. The books would have all sold out and the winners would have made the news bragging that for $98 they won millions.


What is the lottery number for death?


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Is a lottery good idea?


* Added - This is a subjective question - In practice, the people that purchase lottery tickets the most fall into lower income categories, with their hopes of winning big. For this reason, many people refer to lotteries as a "backwards tax", as those that make the least are often the biggest contributor to the government funds (lottery income).

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Caveman keno strategy?

There isn't any real strategy per say, as the numbers are randomly generated and impossible to anticipate. I enjoy playing the game, and tend to do 4 numbers up or down or side by side conected. (4,14,24,34 or 1,2,3,4 for example) I tend to win more often when playing just one quarter. The 4x and 8x multiplier seems to come in more often on a single quarter bet then when I up it to 2, 3 or 4 credits. I have never hit a 6 or 7 spot, but always hear from people who say they have. I do notice I can last longer on my $20 playing the 4 spot then people doing the higher numbers. With that said, if they do hit 7 out of 7, thet will win much more than I will!


What do you win in powerball with two numbers without the powerball number?


Who was the winner of the August 31 2011 Publishers Clearing House?

Donna O'Neill


Is International Lottery Board S L legal?

If you received a letter or email from them claiming that you won a lottery you don't remember entering...

That's a scam.


What is the cost of a Philippine Lotto Franchise?

The cost of Franchise from Application fees to Bonds and others are much lower than fifty thousand pesos (50k). It is not "closed " in Metro Manila. Its just harder to get a good location. But if a new mall is about to open, i am sure a lotto franchise would be available. You may get all the information that you will need including forms about the PCSO Lotto Franchise from this e-book I bought, see below website link: " A Complete PCSO Lotto Franchise e-book ", it cost PHP700 pesos.


What time do they draw the Powerball numbers?

They draw the Powerball at 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time (10:00 p.m. Central Time).


Where do you buy lottery tickets on howrse?

You go to the pass page and there's a box up in the top right corner

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How much tax is taken out for the Texas lottery?

If you have any kind of gambling winnings the payer may have to withhold income tax at a flat 28% rate.

When you complete your federal income tax return correctly and your lottery winnings is large enough you your marginal tax rate maximum amount at this time for the 2009 and 2010 tax year was and is 35% maximum marginal tax rate for an individual taxpayer.


What will be next Ghana national lotto result?

The lottery numbers will not be updated here on a regular basis. Please consult the official lottery site online.

(A link to a site providing the lottery results is provided below.)

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What percentage of tax do you have to pay on a large lottery win?

Depending on your other income and the amount of your winnings, your federal tax bracket can go as high as 39.6%. Your lottery winnings might also be subject to state income tax. So depending on where you live, your total tax bill could exceed 50%. You don't get any capital gains rate break for lottery winnings, nor is there any income averaging to help lower your tax bill. If you win more than $5,000 in the lottery, 28% must be withheld from your winnings for federal income tax purposes. You can do a google search 'taxes on lottery' to get more info specific to your situation. 0% in Canada! YES

In US it would all be taxable as ordinary, that is any other income, and effectively be taxed at whatever your personal rate ends up being. That means it is taxed like any other income (albeit not subject to FICA). Many have tried to call it a capital gain or investment gain, but that has always lost in court. If you are a professional gambler, there may be other considerations.This is actually a very well decided area of tax laweverywhere.

(Remember Oprah audience...the entire value of the cars they were given was fact the money they were then given to pay the tax on it was taxable). You do not have to declare winnings as income in Australia either. So because it is not classed as income no tax is paid on it.


What could be todays Ghana national lotto results?

The winning numbers are posted on the link below.

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What is the most drawn 6 lottery numbers 1 to 54?

38 - 23 - 11 - 43 - 44 - 31


Does a Queen beat a King in Cards?

king beats queen


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