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Q: What does the emotion sadness smell like?
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How do you use the word sadness in sentence?

sadness is a common emotion

What emotion do you feel when you lose a friend?

The emotion you feel is sorrow and sadness. Your heart has an ache in it that hurts terrible when you feel like crying.

Is sadness matter?

No it is a feeling or emotion, not matter.

What does happyness and sadness have in common?

happiness and sadness are emotion that's the only thing they have in common.

What emotion would be hard to control as a teenager?


Sadness anger and fear are this type of emotion?

feel bad emotions

What the definition of moving?

In motion or producing strong emotion, especially sadness or sympathy.

What is a six letter word for overwhelmed with emotion?

well this has just one more letter in it and it is sadness you see sadness is a word that expresses fealings

Sadness is to mood as activity is to?

Sadness is a emotion everyone has you may say you dont but you will experience it at one point but for activity is not motinl

Is personality the same as emotion?

Personality is more about the type of person someone is and their character. Emotion is about feelings, like anger, sadness etc. You emotions and how you express them, are part of your character and personality, but there is much more to your personality than that.

What would animated films be like if no emotion was shown by the characters?

The films would have no appeal to people at all. There would be no happiness, no anger, sadness etc.

True meaning of sadness?

Sadness is affected or characterized by sorrow or unhappiness. Expressive emotion of disadvantage, loss, grief, despair, helplessness, sorrow or unhappiness.