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What does the first star on the flag stand for?


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On June 14, 1777: The above is quoted from the following site. www.ushistory.org/betsy/flagfact.html MrV


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The star on the flag stands for the number of states we have..

The stars stand for the fact that Syria was the first country to use the Pan-Arab colors.

One was a flag what a white star first loan and Texas

Georgia Girl made the lone star flag

The nickname is in reference to the state flag.

the stripes stand for the first thirteen colonies.

they stand for the first 13 colonies

The white in the flag represents peace, the blue star stands for purity and honesty, and the red star symbolizes authority and law.

it stands for all the 50 states in America

Statehood. One of the original 13 colonies

It stands for the Jewish religion. It is the Magen David/Star of David or in translation the Shield of David.

The bonnie blue flag stands for There right to stand alone which the flag has 1 blue star on it. They want us (americans) sort of speak to know that they had a hard life and they worked for what they have now.

The individual States when the flag was first designed.

Each star represents each states..... This is the answer to the question

the first 13 star flag by Betsy ross

There are three different main elements to the flag. The first is a small Union Jack flag representing the country's history as a British colony. The second is a large star that represents the commonwealth. The final is a group of stars that represent the Southern Cross.

Since this is in the category of flags I will answer this question with that in mind. The stars on the flag stands for the 50 states. Each state has a star.

The American flag stands for liberty. The little stars on the flag stand for all the states. One star is one state. Please give me credit if you like this

Bonnie Blue. It is a blue flag with a single white star in the middle.

the star in the corner mean that it was the first state to ever put a star on their falg

what was the first year that the united states flew the 60 stars u.s. flag

Most people do stand when the pledge of allegiance is taken and national anthem (Star Spangles Banner) is played. If you can't stand, you can't stand. If you can stand you should, especially if you are an American.

The 34 star flag was first used in 1861 to acknowledge Kansas. This is actually the same year in which the confederate flag was flown. Despite that the South seceded from the Union, Lincoln would not allow any stars to be removed. The 34 star flag flew until 1863 when the 35 star flag was created to acknowledge West Virginia.

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