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What does the flashing code F2 mean on the Sunbeam Dual Electric Blanket?


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October 10, 2008 7:32AM

My cat has been burrowing under the covers lately, and soon, my side of the e- blanket started flashing F2, whereas my husbands did not. I unplugged the blanket itself, and both sides started to flash F2. Its my belief this is some sort of power disruption - whether its a short, or just a loose connection.

I went to the sunbeam web page and found this answer to flashing F question... this was last updated in 2006, at which time the error was FF:

The digital controls (SmartSense™, ChoicePlus™, StyleSmart™) are designed to notify you in the event that a problem has been discovered by flashing "FF" on the display. Follow instructions on the flag tag to reset control. First, check the blanket/mattress pad for visual damage. If no visual damage is found, unplug the system from wall outlet. Check that the control is well-connected to the module. Plug the power cord into the wall outlet. Set the control to "On." If the system still does not operate after 2 or 3 times trying to reset, disconnect the power cord and contact Sunbeam Consumer Care.