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What does the french word Cest mean?

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C'est means "it is:" such as the date in french for example "C'est le vingt-sept octobre."

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C'est seems to be a french word and means that is.

c'est comment means 'how is it' in French.

It can mean: "That's French" (the language) or "it is French" or "that's the Frenchman" or "it is the Frenchman".

What does matiere preferee cest mean? it means liek wahts your favourite subject here ill answer it English: My favourite subject is Science French: Ma matiere preferee, cest Science Remenber the acents in french peace (\/) (' ') (").(")

c'est qui means 'who is it' or 'who's there?' in French

Tu sais parler français? Can you speak French?

The French word ennuyeux means annoying, troublesome, boring or dull. It is related to the word ennui, which in French means annoyance or nuisance but in English it exclusively means boredom or lack of interest. Thus the sentence "C'est ennuyeux" could mean "It's annoying" or "It's boring"

French for "That's life," or "Such is life."

cest super pronounced say supeer

if you mean the english word OR then it's ouif you mean the french word OR then it means gold

Cest mon equipe de mathematique.

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