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taste like rice with vegetables

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Q: What does the fried rice tastes like?
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How do you say fried rice in Japanese?

Cha han (sounds exactly like it's spelled) To be more specific this is Chinese fried rice that is suited for Japanese tastes. However if you are in japan, you would ask for "cha han" if you want fried rice.

How does fried ice cream taste like?

It tastes awesome and sorta tastes like french fries

What does a chip taste like?

If it's a potato chip it tastes like fried potatoes with salt on the if its Cheetos it tastes like cheese.

Is there gluton in rice?

in plain rice, no gluten is contained. But in things like chicken fried rice, there is, as it is included in the soya sauce used to make chicken fried rice.

What Chinese foods have rice in them?

Stream fried rice, stir fried rice and rice wine.

Which has the most calories steamed rice or fried rice?

There are more calories in fried rice.

What is something like rice which starts with p it tastes almost like rice and is a starch but is more all together than rice?


What is fried rice?

Fried rice is rice tossed in some oil with some spices. It can be veg fried veg rice or any as per liking. here you can check veg fried rice recipe for vegetarian food recipes at vegflavors. com/veg-fried-rice/

What is the meaning for cooking the fried rice in the Japanese cultral?

Cooking fried rice isn't a Japanese culture. It is originally from China. Fried rice is a Chinese Cuisine (the staple of their culture)Japanese foods are more like, sushi, rice balls, ramen, ect.

What was it like to live in ancient china?

Lots of fried rice

Where is egg fried rice from?

Egg fried rice is traditionally a Chinese dish.

How do you say fried rice in Spanish?

Fried Rice in Spanish is Arroz Frito

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