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Q: What does the general tell Rainsford he must do to?
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Who are the characters in the most dangerous game and what are there roles?

The main characters in "The Most Dangerous Game" are Sanger Rainsford, a skilled hunter who becomes the prey, and General Zaroff, a Russian aristocrat who hunts humans for sport on his private island. Rainsford must outwit Zaroff in a deadly game of survival.

What does General Zaroff propose to Rainsford?

General Zaroff proposes a hunt, but only the General will be hunting because Rainsford will be his prey.

When General Zaroff invites Sanger Rainsford to hunt with him what does Rainsford do?

he agrees

What does rainsford do to escape the general?

Rainsford turns the tables on General Zaroff by using his skills as a hunter to outsmart him in a final confrontation, resulting in Rainsford’s escape.

How does General Zaroff know who Rainford was?

General Zaroff knew who Rainsford was because Zaroff read the hunting book that Rainsford wrote.

How does the general react when Rainsford's trap catches one of the dogs in The Most Dangerous Game?

The general stays focused on hunting Rainsford.

How much time did General Zaroff give Rainsford to live?

General Zaroff gave Rainsford three days to survive on his island while being hunted.

How are rainsford and General Zaroff different?

General Zaroff is hunt humans for fun because he get bored of hunting animals Rainsford is a also a hunter but who become the hunted by rainsford and taste his own medicine . about what he said in the begining of the story

In this story Rainsford does not have a conflict withuses to elude Zaroff?

Rainsford does not have conflict with general zarrof because when they meet general zarrof greats him and invites him to his home.

Who is the first person Rainsford meets on the island?

The first person Rainsford meets on the island is General Zaroff, who welcomes him to his chateau and reveals his sinister hunting practices.

What does general zaroff hope that rainsford will do first?

General Zaroff hopes that Rainsford will participate in his twisted game of hunting humans called "The Most Dangerous Game." He wants Rainsford to become his prey and provide him with a challenge during the hunt.

With which of the following does Rainsford have an external conflict?

general zaroff