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Never less alone than when alone.

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Q: What does the latin Minus solum quam cum solus esset mean?
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What is the plural of solus?

Soli is the Latin plural of 'solus'. The Latin adjective is in the masculine singular form. The feminine and neuter are 'sola' and 'solum', respectively. No matter the gender, the adjective means 'alone, only'.

How do i write only you in Latin?

Tu solus (male) or Tu sola (female). (Tu solus est dominus. You alone are the Lord.)It depends on what you are saying.I love only you might be Amo te solum (talking to a boy) or Amo te solam (girl).

What is latin meaning of alone?


Is the word alone a Latin word?

Alone is an English word, however, the Latin translation of 'alone' is 'solus'.

What is 'only god can judge me' in Latin?

Deus solus me iudicare potest.Literally:God alone/only (in the nominative, i.e. the subject of the sentence) me (in the accusative, i.e. the object of the sentence) to judge he is able.Or, rearranged better:God alone is able to judge me.Or:Only God can judge me.

What does Solus Deus mean?

Classical Latin has no "y" and no "j", so the words "you jusicet" are not Latin. Solus Deus = the only God.

What is the Latin Translation for lone wolf?

Lupus Solus

What is the Latin translation for the word deadly in Latin?

solus is the latin word for alone ( it is a latin root and can have endings added to it )

For the phrase 'your eyes only' what is this in latin?

Solus tui oculi

What is the English word for the latin word solus?

"only" or "alone"

What does the word solus mean?

It means "alone" or "single" when applied to a feminine subject.

How do you translate only 1 god in latin?

Solus unus deus.