What does the latin word mutare mean in English?

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It means to change. This word is often accosiated with the word mutate and mutation.
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What does the Latin word es mean in English?

Most of the time, it means "you are", for a singular "you" (plural "you are" is estis ). On occasion it means "you [singular] eat" instead, as an alternative to the regular form edis .

What does the Latin word 'vera' mean in English?

The English meaning of the Latin word 'vera' is 'genuine, real or true'. It may go on to mean 'truthful or veracious', and even 'just or reasonable'. The pronunciation is as follows: VAY-rah.

What does the Latin word 'quid' mean in English?

The Latin word 'quid' is the neuter form of 'quis', which is the feminine and masculine form. As an interrogative, it means what, who . As an indefinite, it means anybody, anyone, anything .

What does the Latin word nat mean in English?

Latin words with "nat" generally involve the idea of "birth" or "begetting" (as in natus , "born"), from the Proto-Indo-European root *gen , in its so-called zero-grade form * gn - with loss of the initial g (the g survives in such words as genus "race, kind" and cognatus "born together" ( Full Answer )

What does the Latin word ''fi'' mean in English?

The word fi in Latin could be an interjection expressing disgust at a bad smell (equivalent to English "phew!"), or an imperative form of the verb fieri , "be made; be done". However, if you hear fi quoted in a Latin context nowadays, it's most probably neither of these, but an abbreviation of ( Full Answer )

What does the latin word Ami's mean in English?

" Ami's " doesn't look like a Latin word. Ami is a name for a plant known in English as Bishop's weed; amis is a form of the word for a fireman's bucket and would mean "to, for, by or with buckets". But it's not likely you'd encounter either of these words unless you were a Latin scholar poring ( Full Answer )

What does the latin word 'majorem' means in English?

Majorem means "greater"; the specific form ending in - em is used to modify masculine or feminine nouns in the accusative case (objects of verbs or of some prepositions). It's usually encountered in the phrase Ad majorem Dei gloram , "To the greater glory of God."

What does the Latin word hoc mean in English?

The meaning of hoc is "this" in place of a noun (with hoc being the pronoun). An example of hoc being usedin a phrase is ad hoc which means "for this", such as an ad hoc committee or a committee created for a specificpurpose or outcome.

What does the Latin word volumen mean in English?

The Latin word volumen means "scroll" (it comes from the verb volvere , which means "to roll"). Because works of literature were often written on multiple scrolls, volumen also came to refer to a separate part of a larger work, or, in modern terms, a "volume".

What does the latin word navigatierunt mean in English?

Are you sure that the word is NAVIGATIERUNT? There is a Latin word NAVIGAVERUNT. In English - "they sailed". (The word "they" may not be necessary in an English translation if the Latin sentence is something like "Nautae navigaverunt" (The sailors sailed), or "Naves navigaverunt" (The ships sailed). ( Full Answer )

What does the Latin word ideo mean in English?

Ideo means therefore, for that reason, consequently, as a result. In medieval court cases (always recorded in Latin) it is used to introduced the penalty after guilt has been established: for example " . . . failed the ordeal, therefore [ ideo ] beaten with sticks six times around the church on ( Full Answer )

What does the English word focused mean in latin?

The word focus ed means nothing in latin The word focus in latin is a fireplace or a hearth and also through metonymy could refer to the home, house or the family, its plural foci is used in our everyday math and science to denote a plural of the English focus but its latin meaning is only a ( Full Answer )

What does the latin word ibid mean in English?

Ibid. is an English abbreviation of the Latin word ibidem , meaning "in the same place". It is used in notes to the text of a book, where reference has already been made to some other source or book and you want to refer the reader again to the same source: For example- note 23: England Und ( Full Answer )

What does the Latin word Temporis mean in English?

I'm a latin student with an excellent, trust worthy latin dictionary and I can't find the word, so maybe its a spelling mistake, or sometimes like how we have "old english" that spells things differently, it might be an older form of a word, but i have a good feeling the word is something like: seas ( Full Answer )

What does latin word rubo mean in english?

There is no Latin word rubo . There is the verb rubeo , meaning "I am red", or "I am become red", or the masculine noun rubor : redness, blush, modesty, feeling of shame, cause for shame.

What does the latin word macte mean in english?

It most of the times means "well done, bravo, good luck, etc" and it is used as an exclamation of applause or congratulation. It comes from the Latin adjective "mactus -a -um), which means "worshipped, honored, etc."

What does the latin word foro mean in english?

It is always an error to take a Latin word out of its context, since the meaning is often dictated by the verb, the noun, the preposition or the adjective in the sentence. The word foro can be the ablative or dative form of forus , a gangway on a ship or a row of benches for spectators at a ( Full Answer )

What does the latin word 'to do' mean in English?

I think you may be confused. First of all, your question should have been: What does the English word, 'to do', mean in Latin? Anyways, it's facio, facere. Facio is singular, while facere is plural. Answer 2: I agree with the answer, but just as a quick thing: facio is the first-person sin ( Full Answer )

What does the latin word superant mean in English?

"Superant" means "They Overcome/Conquer" Superant comes from the verb, Supero , which is a 1st Conjugation Verb. Four Principle Parts of Supero: Supero, Superare, Superavi, Superatus Present Tense Conjugation of Supero : Singular: 1st Person - Supero (I overcome/conquer) 2n ( Full Answer )

What is English meaning for latin word emebant?

1)tradit=hand over, we get trade 2)hortus=garden, we get horticulture 3) negotium= do business, we get negotiate 4) Canis=dog, we get canine 5)antiquus=old, we get antique 6)agricola=farmer, we get agriculture 7)audit= hears, we get audio 8)barba= beard, we get barber 9)celebrat-same ( Full Answer )

What does the Latin word tribuere mean in English?

Tribuere means "to assign, impart, allot, give" (e.g. tribute). (In this case, that definition is literal; tribuere is a form called the infinitive, like the English "to run", "to give", etc.) If you have any more questions about Latin definitions, go to Whitaker's Words (see the related link) or ( Full Answer )

What does the latin word fides mean in English?

This one is a little tricky as it has three possible meanings. It could be (1) the 2nd person singular of the indicative form of the verb fido, fidere, fisis, fisum , which means to trust . Or it could be (2) either the (a) plural nominative or the (b) plural genitive case of the same feminine nou ( Full Answer )