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You have a class with an Incomplete grade. Some work has not been handed in or a test not taken.

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Q: What does the letter I mean on your college Transcript mean?
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What does RD mean on a college transcript?

RD on a college transcript stands for Report Delayed.

What is DB mean on a college transcript?

what does DB stand for on grades

How do you put transcript into a sentence?

A transcript is an exact copy. It can also mean an official copy of a student's grades from a school. "In order to get into the college I applied to, I had to send them my high-school transcript."

How do you get a transcript?

You can get a transcript of your college grades by contacting the college records office. You will have to pay for the transcript to be delivered to your home or whatever job you are applying for.

You are living overseas how do you request a transcript from College of Agriculture Science and Education?

You can try the link below and mail in the form.

What does K mean on a college transcript?

When K is listed under TERMS of the transcript, it signifies that person has a specified learning disability. L means that student is gifted.

What are the requirements to get into Columbia College Chicago?

Columbia College Chicago is an arts and media college. The school has open admissions, with an application, essay, transcript and letter of recommendation required.

Who signs your college transcript?

Typically, an official transcript is signed off by the registrar.

How do you get a transcript from University of Wisconsin-Madison?

You will have to contact the college records office and pay for the transcript.

What is a copy of records to enter college called?

a copy fo records to enter college with is called a transcript a copy fo records to enter college with is called a transcript

Can I get my official college transcripts if the college did a write-off of my debt?

You should be able to get a copy of your transcript. However, the school may have notated your situation on the transcript itself. Be sure to review your transcript before sending it out.

How can I get a Transcript from San Diego city college? Just follow the link